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  1. Well, I'm having quite a problem with my guitar, it's a Les Paul Slash Signature '08 model, and unlike other guitars it's body is quite hard to clean completely. My friends told me to rub it with a cloth, but it doesn't work very well; one told me to clean it with wood polishing products, like the ones you would use on furniture, but I'm afraid it might ruin the guitar's paintjob. What do you recommend me to do? Also, the fretboard is kinda dirty, what do you people use to clean that part?
  2. I'm having a terrible issue on my Les Paul Slash Sig: Last night, when I pulled the switch to the "treble" position, I heard this strange noise, and then I realised that the "Treble mic" was not working, any ideas of what could have happened? Can I fix this myself (I have a friend who is quite handy) or must I take it to the workshop? Please, I want my rock n roll baby back :(
  3. I bought a Les Paul Slash Sig which was like 500 hundred dollars cheaper to me, and I prefer it over the regular standard cause I love those Seymour Duncan single coils instead of the big humbucker (I believe its spelled something like that, I'm from Argentina :P) It feels sweeter to play and it sounds more vintage to me. Cheaper and Better, what can i say?
  4. It's just a thought, and I don't have much idea of what I'm talking about but, there are 7 string guitars? Why don't you use them? Basses are also a good idea, still, why going so low? I mean, what kind of music do you play like that? I have only tuned it down to open D (on my acoustic) and I found that unplayable, no tension on my strings.
  5. It's my first electric guitar (Gibson LP Slash) and my first amp (Line 6 Spider III), and I can't make them match, I mean, it's like eating pizza and chocolates, amazing on their own but awful together (Yeah, my imagination is beyond reach.. ) I'll try that setting for a bluesy tone Wild Rose, thank you very much. Have anyone tried an electroacoustic guitar on that amp? I own a squier acoustic one and I'm thinking about giving her a mic and I'm still chasing for my dreamed amp. So now, what I'm thinking is: Why the f**k did I buy this amp? I guess I'll stick with it for a few months, maybe a year, and get a VOX (My second choice was a 30W pre- Valvetronix) or one of those vintage Fenders. Thanks everyone for what they posted, even the "Dude get a serious amp" when I wasted tons of money for it, but what the hell, s**t happens.
  6. I recently bought this Amp which I found amazing, it gives my guitar a great tone, and it has 3 different types of distortion, which are amazing, but I'm having two problems with it: First, not much of a problem, but it's INCREDIBLY ANNOYING having to press the insane button while powering it up so that the clean channel won't have the chorus effect. I mean, seriously, WHO THE F**K came up with, hey lets mess with the clean channel. Second, it's sound is really heavy, and it's effects are crap. If anyone owns this, may I ask what do they use to give it a bit of a bluesy tone? I just think of it now that I bought it, but maybe it's not a good combo to my Gibson LP Slash
  7. Oh well that explains it. I have the guitar in my avatar, but that pic isnt mine, its googled So if I have Slash's guitar, then Ernie Ball's strings are must? I like D'Addario a lot, but haven't tried Ernie Ball so i'll give it a shot.
  8. Yeah, personally my fav is Timo, but i'm also extremely into Queensrÿche, Evil-Dog, Stone Temple Pilots, Angra, RATM and Paul Gilbert (Heavy Metal, punk rock, Grunge, Power Metal, Rap metal?, and virtuoso, respectfully)
  9. That's why I was asking, mine has the slash's crossbones and skull with the cigar and hat, but I found in a different business one that has on the headstock "Slash's Les Paul" in some sort of handwritten type, which i found kind of weird and wanted to check that out. But I was asking the model number in order to find out which year is my guitar (yeah, its my first electric guitar, and im a nwb in these things ya know).
  10. Simply name your favourite guitar player, easy as pie. I'm looking for new names, not just stating a popular name like Vai, Jimi, Malmsteen or Rhandy Rhoads, explain why do you love their sound among everyone else. I simply love how Timo Tolkki plays and his solos, i mean his sweep picking technique and I found a lot of feel in his riffs and solos like in Blackout or Phoenix. Almost the only power metal band that I enjoy is Stratovarius, too bad that timo left
  11. I'm just searching for guys who also own or at least tried this GODLIKE masterpiece, and tell me what they think about it, suggestions or comments about her, like what brand and string size would fit her better or whatever you could comment about her =) I'd also like to know how can you get it's serial number and it's model number, if anyone knows.. Rock on, fellas!
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