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  1. Hi all.Just seen Epiphone have bought out the new easy to play pro models.Does anybody have one of these or tried them.They look really nice and sound great on the you tube videos.Any information would be great.Many Thanks
  2. Nice case my man.Very pricey but hey you only live once.Nice one.Enjoy it.
  3. Thanks everyone,some great information.By the way i live in the uk and this forum is very helpful.I read it most days.Some very experienced people on here.Keep up the good work.P.s i love Epis...
  4. Thanks everybody.I have seen the snarks,they look good.Has anyone tried a fender clip on.I hear they are great?
  5. Hi all,I have an Epiphone PR 4E and im looking to invest on a clip on tuner.Could anyone advise me on a good one that tunes well. Many Thanks
  6. Thank you both very much for your comments.Very detailed.For me the AJ 220 could be the one.I will let you know which one I decide on.Thanks again for your responses.A great insight.Great forum and keep up the good work.
  7. Brilliant insight guitarlight.Thanks for you're detailed response.I'm going to try those and see how I get on.I think the exilrs are the way forward.Thanks again for you're advice.much appreciated.
  8. Hi all.A few months ago I restrung my Epi with d,addarios phosphers and if I'm honest they were pretty poor.They dulled out very quickly and lost there brightness within a week or so.I changed to Martin which are perfect.Just a question.I hear the exilrs are ace.Is it worth me investing in these in bulk? Does the coating on them sort of lose a bit of sound? Many thanks
  9. Hi dodger.Thanks for the reply.im going to try them both.I dont think i can go wrong with either of them.Great instruments.
  10. Hi all.I have a PR 4E,which for a laminate top is a rather good guitar.I'm looking to buy another Epi but can't decide between the AJ 220 or the EJ 200.Both great guitars.I'm a rhythm player and looking for a deep sound.Any advice would be great.Thanks
  11. Thanks for the response people.I got this for my Birthday in feb.I started playing guitar in 1989 but kind of had a lull for the last few years.Im back playing now and really enjoying it. I agree about the gig bag that comes with it.Just squeezes in.A hard case is my next purchase.But very happy with the guitar.Nice fingerboard,good action and a very nice sound through the amp. Great value guitar .
  12. Hi all.Just recently bought an Epiphone PR 4E...Smashing guitar for a laminate top.Was just wondering if anyone else has one of these little gems and what their thoughts were.
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