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  1. They are great fun to just mess around with. I have the Boss BF-2 Flanger. Good times.
  2. When I look for inspiration I out on my Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival DVD. Basically a Fender add, but the playing is fantastic and it has many great guitar players.
  3. Nice guitar, by the way I have been thnking about moving to the Mediterranean, anything I should know?
  4. I have a wii, ps3, xbox 360 and nintendo ds. If I play more than an hour a month combined I would be surprised. I enjoy playing but I always seem to be doing somehting else.
  5. Only sports here 300 channels of nothing on, sports and only sports
  6. I firmly beleive if it is meant to be it will happen, maybe not now but it will happen. I didnt mean to be discouraging but alot of high school relationships have too much unneeded stress and trouble, that is why I said to wait.
  7. Forget high school relationships, too much BS. like dem00n said wait untill college, everyone is more mature, and um, free spirited.
  8. The mods dont need a reason to lock a thread. They act on behalf of Gibson. Gibson owns this forum if they dont like what is going on or what they think it going to happen they can close it down and do whatever they want.
  9. Been gassing for that real bad, it is at the top of my get list. Maybe Santa will bring it to me.
  10. Bad Drivers Crowded Places Political Correctness
  11. I didnt want to be the one that said it. English is probably more useless than what I took.
  12. Dont take what interests you take something practical. I took what interested me (double minor of political science and history) and two years after graduating I am going back for accounting and economics, practical programs.
  13. Neither have any soul, so they both losers
  14. Good advice on here. I think perhaps the amp will be an anniversary present. I would rather make my fiance happy than my ears bleed.
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