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  1. yep the grain is tight not sure if thats good or not so good but the guitar sound really nice
  2. ok guys. i got the 2007 dove off of reverb and received today the guitar looks good , action is nice. the previous owner put DR vertias on it. the strings sound pretty good . Thought i would give it a few days and let the dove settle in to the new home before i make a decision on the strings. Would like to get an idea of what strings the other dove owners use ? thanks Dean
  3. thank you for the reply ... makes sense what you said. No real reason i would like an older guitar other than those items you mentioned. i will most likely go with the 2007 considering my on gut and the great comments i have received from my post.
  4. another question folks on the 69 dove or the 2007. the owner of what i think is a 69 says its a 68 but it has a glue down pick guar and is heavier than my 68 j 50. the serial number is in the 68 span but the weight and pick guard are really throwing me off. did the 68 models have a glue down pick guard thanks Dean
  5. two beautiful instruments guys
  6. thanks guys for the insight
  7. hey guys i'm interested in finding a good dove. ran across a 1969 one owner was able to play it. had martin steel strings on it and just didn't sound that good to me. also looking at a 2007 model but not able to play that one. price points the 2007 is a little less than the 69. thoughts on the one to purchase thank you
  8. You know I never thought about trying Martin SP. I'll give them a try as well. The 11-52 , will that require another set up Thank you
  9. I thought about the jp strings. Will give them a try when these are used up. The perfect pitch my wife has is troublesome at times, especially with me
  10. Put on the D'Addario ej16 strings. Wow what a difference. Hard to believe how much the string change made. Sounds great.
  11. Will do. I have a set of D'Addario e j16. I might try and put them on tomorrow and see if there is a difference. I know a few of the guys said to wait a few days on the elixirs that they would calm down some. Either way I'll post my results if I change or wait a few more days Thanks guys. You all have provided great insight and instruction
  12. Ok . Thanks for the advice. You're right, patience is the key. I really appreciate the response
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