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  1. I’m off to see a single cut 2009 lp junior next week but could anyone please advise if theres any juniors from recent years which are considered better or worse? i know theres the neck size difference with the 2015 models but i’m thinking specifically regarding quality. Any advice very much appreciated.
  2. Hi yeh ive tried that but it makes the E slightly muffled in sound.
  3. Hi all Does anyone know if there are any replacement tune-o-matics that allow for more travel on the saddles than the stock one on my Gibson LP junior special 2013? The low E sounds slightly off but theres no more room for adjustment so it sounds slightly out of tune.
  4. Just had a reply from gibson about the pickups in the m2: The ProBucker pick-ups in the 2017 M2 S-Series model were designed to Gibson USA specs, but were made in the Epiphone factory. All of the other S-Series Guitars had pickups made by Gibson USA division right here in Nashville.
  5. I have a 2015 midtown standard pelham blue. I love the guitar - it plays great and looks superb, The bustbuckers sound superb!
  6. Does anyone own a les paul CM and if so are they any good? Am i right in thinking they were only produced for 2015/2016 and if so does the 2015 model have a wider neck than the 2016 similar to other 2015 models.
  7. Thx for the reply. I’de reallly like the sound to be a bit thicker. I like the idea of burstbuckers too - i have them in my midtown. Anyone know what humbuckers have been used previously in MM models?
  8. Whats everyones thoughts on the M2 melody maker? I picked a teal one up last summer and did some small upgrades PIO cap, locking tail studs etc. Its quite light, and i really like the neck and the poplar body but the only thing i’m not really impressed with is the pickups tbh, i find them a bit thin (not sure what make they are either). So, anybody suggest suitable relacements?
  9. Could anyone give any advice in the les paul cm please? Prices seem very tempting at the moment but are they any good? Am i right in thinking theyre still being made and does the 2015 version have the wider neck that gibson used that year?
  10. As soon as it arrives i’ll check it out and put some pics up.
  11. I’ve just bought my son an epi pro1 explorer in ebony to learn on. Anybody got an opinion on these?
  12. Theres a handful that i really like: Scotty moore Kurt cobain Jimmy page Angus/malcom Tracii guns
  13. Thx for the replies. I have bought some pelham blue nitro so i mite try a tiny dropfill.
  14. Whats everyones opinions on the m2 melodymakers? They seem to be a very good price on Amazon at the moment but are they any good?
  15. Ok thx for the info. Its not visible on the bottom of the neck join, just in those 2 areas.
  16. My midtown has a couple of laquer finish cracks along the neck join. Theyve always been there and havent got any worse so should i be concerned or is there something that can be done about it?
  17. I've just picked up a pair of apparently gibson 490r and 490t pickups to drop in my junior special. Now the 490t measures 14.15 whilst the other measures 8.09 Does this sound right as i thought they both should have similar readings.
  18. Thanks all! Tbh, the goldtop is my "go to" guitar at the moment, good quality and sounds great.
  19. Hi all, Ade here from wales, UK. Joined the forum a while back but only got round to posting lately. Heres my Gibsons: 2011 LP junior special pelham blue (took the original pickups out as i wasnt too keen on them) 2012 LP satin cherry junior special, 2016 satin gold top LP. 2015 pelham blue midtown. Looking forward to taking part in the forum!
  20. Hmm .050" isnt a great deal tbh, just under 1.5mm each side? Is that the same as the other 2015 models or were they wider?
  21. Hi Yes its a great guitar. How much wider is the neck on your firebird?
  22. I recently bought a pelham blue 2015 gibson midtown standard fitted with g force tuners. Its a great guitar but am i wrong in thinking that this model didnt have the wide neck that other 2015 models had as standard? It also doesnt have the "les paul 100" logo on the headstock either just the regular style of writing. The fretboard also appears to be rosewood rather than richlite too.
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