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  1. Just bought a 2017 Les Paul Standard T in Blueberry Burst. Terrific colour, had to have one, which is why I took a beating on a part ex of my mint Heritage Cherry LP . Playability is good now I've set it up to my preference, My local Gibson dealer was good enough to bring out the five he had in stock so I could pick my favourite top - they vary incredibly from almost plain to vibrant flame. Just wished the acrylic fret markers were pearl like my old one, and they really should have polished them - they were matt and lightly scratched from sanding the fretboard. Although still noticeably less attractive than MOP, they look way better now I have polished them. All in all very satisfied, (I've even almost recovered from the low p/ex allowance) and it looks like Gotoh hardware - anybody know for sure?
  2. Yes - every Gibson dealer should explain to their customers that the finish is poor, and will deteriorate rapidly, and Gibson will say its your fault...........how many Gibson sales do you think they would lose?
  3. I have a similar issue with two Gibsons - Less Plus and Les Paul Standard. Both exhibited checking and cracks within months of purchase, even though they are kept in the same place, in their cases, as my other guitars which also have nitro finish and have no problems. I was told it was 'my fault', and 'it happens with nitro' and even ' think yourself lucky its happened so soon as its 'desirable' on Gibvsons'. I got nowhere with Gibson on this issue. What a crock of **** they come out with. And folks buy it!
  4. I have a genuine 2012 LP Supreme, and I pretty much agree with all comments re the 'caterpillar burst' Res Paur Suprome. Mine has richlite board, Supreme very well executed on the headstock, and embossed serial number painted over. Bought from a Gibson dealer NOS with all relevant paperwork. There are so many fakes around it makes buying a used Gibson a real worry unless you are an expert. I am not an expert, which is why I went to an authorised Gibson dealer and bought NOS at a good price. I paid not much more than the used prices on ebay and got the guarantee of a genuine Gibson. The real concerns are that the fakes are getting better, and the more hands they pass through the more likely they are to be passed off as genuine. It must be hurting the used Gibson market somewhat.
  5. I have a Gibson Memphis ES339 Traditional Pro (no F holes and a cavity cover on the back). Its a great guitar, but I couldn't live with the strap button placement on the back of the body. On other 335 style guitars I have fitted a strap button on the upper horn (like a les paul), but I have had to glue a strengthening block inside the laminate guitar side at the button position to take the screw. Usually its easy to put this through the F hole and draw it into place with a piece of wire, however there are no F holes on the Trad Pro. I looked inside the P/u cavities but they are solid wood all round. I nearly decided not to do the job, as to insert a block into the upper horn would mean opening a hole inside the P/u recess to feed the reinforcer wood piece into the upper bout. So before drilling inside the P/u cavity I decided to pilot drill the strap button screw hole (no going back now) and to my surprise the side wood on the upper horn was over half an inch thick and would take a strap button screw as well as a solid body so no need for reinforcement inside............Easy job now. I read that the Midtown 335 size guitar was a solid centre core routed out each side to make it semi hollow and a maple laminate top and back fitted, making construction easier and cheaper. I can only assume that the Traditional Pro is made the same way. But I can't find any information on the 339 Trad Pro construction apart from forum chat where folks assume the sides are thin laminate like the other 335's and 339's. Does anyone know for sure?? Just curious, as I think I have seen the answer......By the way, I have a few Gibson guitars (Les Pauls Nighthawk) and this is by far the best quality for fit, finish and playability of all of them.
  6. Whats going on with Gibson. First a 30% increase in price for the 2015 Les Pauls and now in the UK we are seeing Standards at under £1300, Classics under £800 and Studios at under £500. Not long ago I paid more than that for an Epiphone Prophecy................. It seems that now is the time to buy, but what of the future?
  7. Whats going on with Gibson. First a 30% increase in price for the 2015 Les Pauls and now in the UK we are seeing Standards at under £1300, Classics under £800 and Studios at under £500. Not long ago I paid more than that for an Epiphone Prophecy................. It seems that now is the time to buy, but what of the future?
  8. Whats going on with Gibson. First a 30% increase in price for the 2015 Les Pauls and now in the UK we are seeing Standards at under £1300, Classics under £800 and Studios at under £500. Not long ago I paid more than that for an Epiphone Prophecy................. It seems that now is the time to buy, but what of the future?
  9. I have a 2015 LP Standard and sold the G Force tuners immediately, replacing them with Gotoh 510 locking tuners complete with tulip buttons. Got a deal on the tuners so they cost me half the cash I got for the G Force system. 21:1 ratio tuners and smooth as silk. I left the brass zero fret nut on the guitar, I can't see a standard nut being any sort of improvement on that. Tuners bolted straight on, just needing a small pilot hole drilling for the screw
  10. What suits one may not suit another, so its no use asking others which pickups are good - you will only get their opinion - you have to use your own ears, but..... I might ruffle a few opinions here - but I find sound/tone to be very subjective and relative to the mood of the player on the day. I have two guitars with the 490/498 combination fitted and love them. However, whichever guitar I pick up, whatever pickups are fitted, the ones I really hated yesterday somehow sound really good today and vice versa, depending on how I feel. I know some things will never change and a cheap, bad pickup will never sound good. But if all your guitars have good quality pickups, the variation in tone will please you some days but not others depending on your mood, the style of music you play at the time etc Different brands of amp also have a strong affect on the sound of a pickup. I have two tube amps and, using the same guitar, can't get exactly the same tone from both no matter how much I fiddle with the tone settings etc. I just use the amp that sounds 'right' on the day. And some days you will want to rattle the roof tiles, and other days you will play gentler tunes - will one type of pickup perform both tasks well? Only your own ears can tell you. Too many variable for me to say one pickup is good and another bad - but I know I like 57 Classic Plus, 490/498 together, and even Burstbucker Pro on a good day.
  11. Blackstar are certainly fine sounding amps IMHO. Depends what volume you want 'at home'. I use a Blackstar HT5R and love it. Good at low volume and you can crank it a bit now and again when the neighbours are out. I also have a Peavey 20 micro head with a 2x12 Celestion vintage 30 cab. Sounds 'different' to the Blackstar (not as warm somehow) but still good. It can be switched for either 20, 5 or 1 amp output so you can get tube distortion at lower volumes if that is what you are after. If I had only one amp I think this would be it (but sometimes I prefer the sweeter sounding Blackstar). Before I understood tube amps, I bought a Marshal Haze 40w tube amp for home practice - Jeez I could barely turn the volume knob above 1, it was so loud. But the tone and sound were fantastic. Very reluctantly it had to go in exchange for a lower output amp.........very sad.
  12. Has anyone measured the distance between the pickups and the bridge and neck pickup on the 24 fret LP Prophecy? I have one and swapped the pickups for a well known boutique brand, and ended up with a very, vey bright (not what I wanted) bridge pickup. Not good. After a bit of head scratching and no constructive help forthcoming I measured the distances between the bridge and the bridge pickup. I found the pickup was very close to the bridge compared to a 22 fret LP Standard - hence the brightness. In fitting the extra frets and lengthening the fretboard Epiphone have made the pickups closer together and the bridge pickup closer to the bridge. This wouldn't be a problem if you were to leave the guitar standard, but I bought it specifically to mod with upmarket pickups etc. The p/up supplier (Bare Knuckle) was very good and exchanged the bridge pickup for me once I had seen the cause of the problem. I ended up fitting a hotter pickup mounted lower in the body to improve the tone, this worked. So if you are looking to mod an Epiphone guitar get your ruler out and check the spacing p/up and bridge, before choosing your p/ups.
  13. Luckily for us the price hike and new 'features' stopped the 2015's selling well, so we have just seen a price drop to pre-2014 prices - now they are selling!!
  14. Something here doesn't quite add up......Gibson seem to be trying to please everybody now. When the 2015 range was announced, I (like many others) especially disliked the robot tuners, and maybe a couple of other 'features'. This stopped many people (myself included) having a proper look at the 2015 guitars and dismissing them out of hand. Lately I played a friends 2015 LP Classic, I was surprised by the excellent fit and finish, excellent set up and more than happy with the wider neck. At last Gibson are making the guitar they should have been making all along instead of churning out substandard (compared to the main opposition) instruments expecting the name to sell them. I have a 2014 LP Supreme and initially had problems with the 1st string slipping off the end of the frets. It took a Schaller roller bridge and a recut nut to sort that - on a brand new, expensive, high end guitar, not good. The wider neck eliminates the possibility of that happening on the 2015 guitars. I can't think why they have gone back to the narrow neck on the Sprint Run....and after 5 minutes playing the wider neck you don't notice it. So as a result of playing my friends Classic, I have ordered a 2015 LP Standard (but I will be swapping out the robo tuner for machine heads). Luckily for me, the 2015's haven't sold well so I have taken advantage of a really good closeout deal price. I guess the dealers have too many 2015's left and 2016 models on the way........
  15. Yup, perfectly normal poor finish and QC on Gibson guitars. They're all like it - live with it cos it will never change.
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