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  1. Thanks for all of the responses guys, lot's to consider. I may also as many say just get used to it :)
  2. Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to read this. I bought a 2013 LPJ about a year ago and recently had a little accident where the guitar got a little chip on it (pics below). I was wondering if anyone knew if gibson or anywhere else sold the "rubbed vintage burst" varnish so that I could colour the exposed wood. Although it is a very minor chip and purely cosmetic, if this is an option I would like to dab some varnish on it. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi, I am a brand new electric player and am used to acoustics which generally have much higher action and of course no amp so every buzz is annoying.
  4. Thanks, I did take it in to my tech and he made a truss adjustment and now its pretty good, no real buzz except a slight buzz on the first 3 frets on the G string but it can't be heard through the amp. The instrument is new (1 month) so I doubt the frets need any work, the tech did say we could raise the bridge but this would also bring the action up. Tbh, I'm happy with the action as it is, so as long as the frets don't need any work I can live with the small buzz unplugged. How can I check that this is not due to a raised fret or something? To me I would have though a raised fret would c
  5. Also, I shouldn't look on the internet about these problems. Could it be a dead fret? I don't know because its only on one string and a slight buzz and only when fretted at 1st, 2nd and 3rd but doesn't effect any other string. Perhaps a little buzz in a few spots is just normal? I'm new to electrics so a bit confused
  6. Thanks for the responses, Just one last question. Is my logic correct in saying that as it doesn't buzz when open and only when fretted we can rule out that it is a nut problem? Thanks
  7. Hi, Sorry I'm sure this topic has been raised many times before. I recently bought an LPJ (2013 model) and it initially had some fret buzz on the bass strings (EAD) at the first 5 frets. I took it in for a setup where the luthier said the neck was slightly bowwed and he straightened that out with a truss adjustment and and set the intonation, as well as rubbed some graphite into the nut to help it stay in tune. There is no more buzz in the bass strings (:D) but I now have a slight buzzing on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd frets of the G string. There is no buzz when played open so I don't think
  8. Hi, I was at the store looking at Gibson LPJ, there are two both with different aesthetic flaws. One has a deep scratch by the nut where the security tag was, the second has some surface scratches on the top (through the nitro finish). My question is, are these light nitro finishes very easy to scratch? Basically, if I go for the one with the scratch by the nut and then I'm very likely to get scratches on the top due to the finish, I might as well buy the one with scratches on the top without the damage by the nut. Thanks, I hope that wasn't too confusing :)
  9. Are there white marks on the back of your tribute? It's hard to tell from the picture. I've asked them to order me a new one, which they obliged. I guess I'm just preparing myself to deal with these minor finish flaws as I saw to relatively new ones in store that have been scuffed very easily so there is no guaranteeing that the brand new one will be perfect, but it's the best I can hope for seeing as I've decided this is the guitar I want. I don't mind the calcium deposits, I just originally thought it was dirt in the pores, but if it's quite common I guess It's ok if it's on the new one
  10. Just to add some more info, I searched google and found this pic which is pretty much what it looks like: Also there are pics of an actual les paul with this here: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/25485-lp-vintage-mahogany-finish-issue/ The one I saw was not as pronounced, but even on that thread nobody know what it is
  11. After doing some research, it seems as this might be calcium deposits in the mahogany which is common in more dense mahogany. Not sure if it can be removed, other than by sanding which is not an option. On the other side, if the maple cap has a small surface scratch (not deep at all) can these be buffed out? Thanks for the help
  12. Hi, I was in the local gibson dealer looking at the lpj (I've decided to get one :)) but the one in store had a scratch on ur maple cap and on the back the body had a lot of white deposits in the wood pores. It looked similar to the white deposits often seen on rosewood fingerboards. As the lpj have no nitro finish just a think satin thy are prone to scratches I guess and porous. Has anyone ever seen this white kind of deposits on mahogany bodies, is is dry wood? Or dirty? Also on a side note is there anything that can be used to buff out small surface scratches? Thanks (btw I hav
  13. newb

    Setups on new LPJ

    I'm sure the store will provide a set up, I asked the salesman and they said sure if it needs one but he doubted it would. So basically how do I check if it needs one? The action seemed fine to me, I got no buzz through the amp but a but unplugged. And as for intonation they only way I check is by playing open string and at 12th. Is there anything else I should check/request be done in a setup?
  14. Hi, I am going to purchase my first electric guitar which is going to be the new gibson lpj 2013. In the store the guy said they shouldn't need a setup. From what I've read everyone says you should always get a new guitar set up. What do you guys check for to determine if you need a setup. And lets say for example I insist upon a setup what should I be asked to be done? I noticed that the lpj has a plek cut but, does this mean it has been plek set up too? Thanks
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