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  1. The Stewart-Mac reamer produced a perfectly centered hole in a short time -- it's not cheap ($58) and it wasn't quite large enough so look at the tuner shaft size when buying one you might need the large size ---- me I've worked as a carpenter for many years in the past and the finish reaming was no issue and I plan on 1 or 3 other Epiphone tuner upgrades so I've saved a bunch of $$$ buying this tool -- PS the tuner mounting holes to keep the tuners straight - buy the smallest drill bit you can find and pre-drill the screw holes and don't drill all the way through the guitar head
  2. " the guy in Georgia " Yep I got the first one and love it kinda HEAVY but great well worth pre ordering and pre paying for it Eddy M.
  3. just upgraded the tuners on my 339 P90 Pro. the new tuners (Wilkinson Locking tuners) were larger than the stock holes so I bought a hand held reamer from Stewart MacDonald (luther supplies) and it was a quick (1.5 hours)and easy install anyone can do and cheaper than taking it to a Pro to do ($10 per tuner + wait time). EM
  4. congrads on finding a 339 ULTRA ,I love mine . when I use their "stereo" mode I run the Nanomag to a Acoustic AG60 and the humbuckers to a Albion TCT35c and get a huge varity of sounds..
  5. I have a 339 Ultra in natural and it is GREAT
  6. Well the 339 ultra has a NANO MAG pickup installed in the last area of the neck fretboard + the standard pickups - the Nanno Mag can be run through a different amp from the humbuckers --- I use an Acoustic AG60 for the Nanomag which can be totally pure and clean to some overdrive-- the Humbuckers through my Albion TCT35 for both a clean sound to a Super heavy overdrive sound --- the sound varity is great but the 339 Ultra was a limited production and not many are still avaliable so it will be hard to find but well worth checking out if you can find one --- other questions I can't answer Eddy
  7. I have both a Genesis and a 339 ULTRA and the Lee Malia LesPaul to me the 339 ULTRA has the best sound and with the dual outputs the sound options are great but I hear the Ultra is out of production so finding one might be a issue but worth the effort
  8. Well at even that early age I had gone through training and was a certified firearm instructor for rifle ,handgun ,shotgun so I Hope my training would give me an advantage in a "bad situation" but really it doesn't matter as the local sherrif refused my condition and the "JERKS" got away for everything they stole. EM
  9. My comment about being armed was when I was asked to set them up for auto theft-If they had figured out what I was doing I probably whould have "disappeared" EM
  10. Folks I did everything I could to assist in recovering my guitar but back in the '70's -----in Mississippi things were ancient informing the FBI data base ?????? --- months after the robbery I found out the robbery was never recorded in the FBI database (firearms stolen so the guitar would be listed also) so it was basically never reported to a list of stole items -- my post is to alert my fellow guitar owners - watch who you be-friend watch what info you post on line it may bite ya in the behind one day HACKERS can find ya if you have something worth stealing-----Me I wish somebody out there thinks "I know that Guitar" and says something -but I don't think it will happen given the value of that guitar in today's market . EM
  11. SO my story is you never know who you can trust---- I'ved have these two brothers over countless times - for supper- for drinks just to listen to music - you name it --- M.K even loaned me his clear " what ever - plexiglass " guitar with pickups that slide in and out (used by the Rolling Stones he said) weighed a ton ) but I was fooled SOMEBODY out there has my Les Paul and I Hope you enjoy it and I hope sooner or later you pay for buying a stolen guitar eddy
  12. I really don't think I'll ever see my guitar again but here is my story ----November 1975 - Starkville Mississippi (mississippi State University area) - Thanksgiving - I went to my parents house in North Mississippi for a visit - I returned home that night got ready for bed and noticed my 357 magnum Dan Wesson revolver was not at my bed-side table - a search of my home revealed all my firearms (except my muzzleloaders) were gone all my guitars and smaller amps were gone - local law enforcement was called and robbery was reported- That night when I returned home a auto owned by ""Two Friends"" almost ran me off the road on the small /short dirt road to my home - I didn't think much about it as they knew my neighbors and visited them often -- the ""Friends"" were two brothers visiting family in Sturgis Mississippi I'll call them M.W.& K.W --- local law enforcement stated they robbed me but couldn't prove it stating they were robbing folks for instruments and cars . These brothers were from Kankankee Illinois the guitar they stole was a Black Beauty Fretless Wonder Les Paul in a Gibson case with the words""" Fragile & Hand's off""" on the case the gold pickup covers were removed(I still have them) ---- Local law enforcement requested my assistance /undercover thing to set them up for auto theft but canceled when I mandated I had to be carring a firearm during all encounters -- so the guitar of my dreams I saved for for years- that I could never afford to replace - was gone --- two long haired white brothers that played rock - ripped me off and got away with it -- I just wonder how many others they robbed Eddy
  13. FYI Epiphone is listing the 339 Ultra as "out of production" now , so you won't be seeing many in stores in the future!!
  14. new tubes today from Dougs Tubes - Ruby matched 6L6's and a 12AX7 tube kit now I need to see how they sound --- still trying to get a foot switch - E-mails to Albion USA customer service were never answered - Albion UK customer service said " talk to the USA folks" but at least they replyed -- well I've been called a Pain in the "you know what" person so I was searching with google and found the head of the USA importer's name and phone number and the head of international exports for Albion e-mail address (his phone number was in ? who knows where) so I called the USA rep who never ID'ed himself (should have been Richie Onori) and he stated my e-mails had "crossed his desk" he stamered around for a while and then stated he was at NAMM and could I call him back next week as he was busy .. so I e-mailed the International guy "Andrew" he was also at NAMM and he replied their are no foot switches for my TCT35C in the entire USA but when he returns to the UK in 10 days or so he will work on my request to buy one.. --- I still think my Albion amp is the best sounding amp I have played in my 40+ years of electric guitar playing/preforming ( ruling out the super high priced rigs that I can't afford) -- BUT their customer service in the USA SUCKS --- rated 1 to 10 a ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eddy
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