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    1947 LG-2

    Thanks for all of the feedback everyone! If I were to purchase it, it would be shipped from St. Louis to myself in Nashville. I'm generally pretty wary of buying acoustics before trying them out for obvious reasons. The only reason I consider GC is because of that 3-day return policy. I purchased an ES-325 a while back from a GC in Cali and immediately took it in to Gruhn's to have a luthier verify that it had no major issues (which it didn't, thankfully). So that's sort of my plan of action here as I'm considering it. I'd love to find one around here in Nashville, but when they do manage to pop up in a shop, they're either ridiculously overpriced or gone within a matter of a couple of days. They're definitely few and far between.
  2. zkendal

    1947 LG-2

    Also, he claimed that the low E string looks off from the angle that he snapped the pic. Any opinions on an early 50s model vs. a late 40s model or are they virtually the same save for the tuners?
  3. zkendal

    1947 LG-2

    Thanks for the feedback. I gave GC a call and asked them about the tuners and they confirmed that it was simply listed incorrectly on their website which I found somewhat interesting. They have it listed in store as a 1950s. So good call.
  4. Hey all, I've been in the market for a vintage LG-2 for a while and I stumbled upon this at a Missouri guitar center today. I'm not very familiar with these guitars. I've played a couple of new TV's but never an actual vintage model. I was wondering if anyone could offer a more expert opinion based on some pictures I was sent. Any input would be very helpful. They're asking $2399 but I'm sure they could budge some.
  5. Hey all. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with or owned one of the 1965 Elitist Casinos. Unfortunately, no one around here actually has them in stock so I can't try it out. I'm looking to purchase one for my father's birthday next month and being that he is a huge fan of The Beatles and has pretty much every Rick guitar and bass I figured I'd grab him something similar to John Lennon's casino. I'm just somewhat hesitant on dropping around $2,000 for a guitar that I've never played and every other semi-hollowbody guitar I own is a Gibson Memphis. Any input or alternate suggestions would be awesome! Thanks.
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