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  1. No offence taken, what I meant was a 335 is not a suitable choice for metal music even with everything set and equipment etc it just wouldn't sound right. Yes a solid body guitar with upper fret access as you mentioned is generally considered the way to go for metal. Again its all down to personal preference.
  2. I didn't say an online video was the holy grail of opinion. This has blown completely out of nowhere. As previously stated I said it would be more challenging to shred on a 335 due to the shape, construction etc. So why bother having a guitar that is not used even designed for metal playing be set up specially? All other equipment aside that would be silly you would just be making it harder for yourself.
  3. How have I missed your point? You said image is everything, and i'm just explaining that it isn't. Artists can change their setup though to limit the amount of guitars they take on the road, so that may have been the case why Page used a Tele. Having the right guitar is key to what you want to play.
  4. People in general who have talked about the 335, i've seen it mentioned in online videos before a while back. Its not just about technique, although part of it, you need to have the right guitar as well to play it. If you tried to play metal on a 335 it would sound awful and be very hard to do due to the way the guitar is. Its not a shredding type of guitar.
  5. Slash does own a fender Strat and over a hundred other guitars, just because he uses a Les Paul on stage and to record doesn't mean he just uses that one sole guitar. He bought it because of the sound he was looking for not purely for looks. You watch any band rig rundown video and 99% of the time the artists say they bought the guitar for the sound. A prime example would be an interview with Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day he says its the sound he went for, that was what made him buy his Les Paul Junior .
  6. Thats is unlikely, and image is not everything, a guitar that sounds good is more important than looks.
  7. That is quite a hassle though, thanks for the advice yes you can play several genres of music with most guitars but not all, (a 335 can't do metal) however some like an ESP KH2 I own is only suitable really for solely metal a no other genre of music as thats the type of instrument it is. Also for example, I could play a Foo Fighters track on a Fender Stratocaster but it won't sound like them as aside from the player it will still sound a Strat as they use a Fender Telecaster Deluxe and Gibson 335's. I depends on the guitar. You wouldn't see Slash playing Gun's N Roses songs on a Fender Strat as its the wrong guitar for that type of music. I know one guitar doesn't suit all and for the price of the Gibson 335 or any Gibson I could buy three guitars for the same total amount or a bit less with still some money remaining, so am not rushing to make a purchase on a Gibson 335 or any Gibson for that matter, as no one guitar can do all the sounds I am looking for. Personally in my opinion a Strat, Gibson Les Paul and Gibson ES 335 are all vastly different in sound and neither of them are comparable to one another, they are all unique iconic instruments and excel at their own different genres of music. I will hopefully be going out guitar shopping next week, and will be trying out several different guitars both Gibson and Fender as the two brands have the guitars I am interested in. I may come away with 3 guitars, I may come away with just one I don't know until I have tried them all which to go for. If it takes me hours trying them all and I come away with a couple then they are the most suited instruments for my music tastes, same for one.
  8. Thats fine, thanks for telling me about this, had a look, nice looking guitars but that is risky though if you can't play it. What are you supposed to do if you don't like it?
  9. Sounds great looks nice too. Why would you choose the Carvin over the Gibson?
  10. Oh really thats surprising they don't sell for more than the plain tops. Vintage sunburst is nice too, I like the cherry plain top, the same as the one you have.
  11. Hi, out of the to guitars I prefer the 335 for playability and overall sound. Haven't bought it yet though, hopefully will get one soon. When I have will do a post for you all. I find it interesting how nearly everyone seems to say how much more versatile it is than a Les Paul. As you said both a great but vastly different from each other and unique in their own way. In your opinion is it worth spending the extra for figured top or not? As from what i have read from others it makes no difference to the tone. Thanks
  12. What made you prefer the 335 over all those guitars you sold? Thanks for the advice, haven't heard of Lindey Fralin.
  13. Ok thanks for your help will take a look.
  14. Thanks again for your help, I will bear these things in mind before I finally decide which one to go for.
  15. Oh really thats interesting, what kind of advanced stuff are you doing? I'm at uni studying Music Production and Media, in my final year now. Haven't bought either guitar yet as am saving up, I was also interested in the Gibson 1959 Historic Dot 335 too, however it is very expensive and when I was reading up on both that and a normal ES-335 most of the spec appeared the same. What makes the 1959 Historic nearly £1000 more, is it because its modelled after a traditional '59? As I have not played the '59 yet from your experience is the tone vastly different to a standard ES-335 dot, and Is the the '59 worth the huge difference in cost? In your opinion for straight rock tone which would you advise, I listen to a wide variety of different bands such as Foo Fighters, Green Day, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Jet etc Thanks for your advice, Best wishes Elliot
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