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    Play on my guitars and gear, building super fast computers, Play PC games, I like a good glas of wine, Listen to Rory Gallagher (R.I.P) Satriani, Vai, Zappa, The Beatles, Joe Bonamassa, Garry Moore, Rammstein.
  1. Indeed !!! My new Les Paul Standaard 2013 gold top sounds incredible :-)
  2. Congratulations, last year I bought also my first Gibson after playing for 40 years with Ibanez SG Custom 76' & Fender Stratocaster Squire (the older ones) But no guitar can compare with that sound of mij new Gibson Les Paul Standaard 2013 Gold Top :-)
  3. Fast Ed

    Which LP?

    I am very happy with the sound of my Standaard 2013 Goldtop with 2 BurstBuckers Pro :-)
  4. Hi, is there any differents in sound when you remove the shields from the pickups ?
  5. Hi I heb een Ephiphone SG Custom Chop Limited Edition Gold Top gekochten het zou een specialleke moeten zijn volgens mijn opzoekingen Hij is gebouwd in China 05/2007 (EE0705129512)er zit een F Epiphone : 57CH(G)Dot:Neck,Bridge LP:Neck BHC + R Epiphone : HOTCH(G) LP:Bridge BHC Humbucker in
  6. Hi, I have a LPS Gold Top 2013, but he is build in Nashville 4 Okt 2012, the first & fifth digital in the serial number says also 2012, But it is an early Build 2013 Model, confirmed bij email from Gibson.com itselfs.....anywa a 2012 or 2013, she sounds heavenly :-)
  7. Hi Guy's, My brand new LP Standaard 2013 Gold Top
  8. Hi This is the email I resived from Gibson.com Dear Mister Leys,Thank you for your interest in Gibson. Your guitar would be an early 2013 model, as in late 2012 the division already starts making the models for the new year, so the guitar would have “2013” specs (only the pickguard was added for 2013), but made in 2012. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me again. So now I'shure that my Baby is an 2013 model
  9. the sticker on the guitarcase says LPS Gold Top 2013 AA
  10. Hi, my Les Paul Standaard 2013 Gold Top seems to be build on 24 November 2012 ?? And what do they mean with AA or AAA ?
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