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  1. Yeah, doesn't matter to me much if it's real or not. All I know is next time I get a guitar i'm going to research the death out of it more than I did with this LP. This thing has an amazing tone and an amazing feel. I can easily say this is the nicest guitar forum i've ever been on. Thank you all very much for the help. And I shall be active on these forums And yes, if you wondered, the poster behind the Guitar is a Shrek 3 Poster lol.
  2. Thanks for the welcome. And also, when I get my Laptop to working i'll take a higher quality picture of it. Can anyone confirm if the Studio had Cream Binding? I plan on going to somewhere, and bringing my guitar with me and comparing it to a Standard and see if it gets the same exact tone. I know it's not the 100% perfect way to confirm it's a Standard, but it's the only idea I have. Also, this has a Set Neck, does the Studio have a set neck? EDIT: Also, I can confirm there was a Wine Red Les Paul Standard Plus Top by looking at a picture on a heavily used site. I ain't telling what site because I read the rules and didn't see anything about not posting links to sites, but i've used other forums where that rule wasn't shown and I was banned for posting a picture of a guitar and it was a Guitar Forum. Also, the Studio doesn't seem to have Cream Binding.
  3. Yeah, it has Standard on the Truss Rod Cover. It is actually a better finish than that in the picture. The camera for some reason got rid of the shine of it and brought out the wood grain for some reason I don't understand It's got all the features of a Standard, even had the thing on the Pups where it said Double Vacuum Waxed and stuff like that, and it said Alnico Magnets or how ever you spell Alnico lol. I don't think it's a Studio because I don't think the Studio has Cream Binding on it. Also I believe it came straight from the factory when I bought it. At least that's how it was sold.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcoming. And yeah, I love it, hard to pry it from my hands. And also all the numbers were accepted. I'm pretty sure it's legit. I got it from an authorized Gibson/Epiphone dealer. I'm curious to why it's a custom shop though. I can understand that the color might make it Custom Shop I guess, but all the Custom Shop style guitars i've seen sold are on seperate pages, the site I found a picture of this LP on was in being sold with the normal Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Tops. So would it being a different color make it a Custom Shop or something? I'm pretty sure it has the same pickups as the other Standards. But I don't know any past that. When I got it, it even had the Epiphone Limited Lifetime Warranty seal on it, although in these days technology could replicate it probably to fake it being legit. Anyone have any info if it has any differences from the other Standard Plus Tops other than the Wine Red color?
  5. I know it's a real guitar from Epiphone because I looked up the Serial Number. And it says on the back of it it's a Epiphone Custom Shop and it's a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top in Wine Red. From what i've seen it's a normal color that used to be sold. Was it Limited Edition or something? Is there something added to it other than the color that makes it Custom Shop? Also, I took the Pick Guard off of it because I like the way it looks this way. Picture: Serial Code: EE080307190 which is on the Headstock in Gold. P.S. I don't have a picture of the headstock because the Camera died before I could take a picture of it.
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