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  1. Hello, i'm using the virtualdj 7.4 and i also have a problem with the sampler/master volume ratio. My sampler volume is at least twice or even three times louder below the headphones (cue) as on the master. When i set the sampler volume for example to 30% the sampler volume "killing me in cue/headphones" and is much louder as the music on the master. But by 30% the sample volume on the master is too quiet. Next Example Music play on master with volume 100% Headphone Volume knob is set = 20% Sampler Volume knob is set = 80% When i set the sampler volume knob to 80% is the same result you would turn up the volume on the headphones knob to 80% but the only the sampler volume is 80% in headphones and the music is constant by headphone volume 20% Factory reset doesn't help because it is matter if i change the sampler volume with the Sampler Volume knob to 80% or i use the mouse and change the sampler volume to 80% @all how you put up that?
  2. Hi GPA-DJ that helps me. Thx for the help :)
  3. Hello, The stantondj homepage says, that the technical specification for the DJC.4 have an "1-Balanced (1/4" TRS) Microphone Input w/ volume & tone control" But i don't find a tone control for the mic and nothing read about in the manual :( How can i use the high, mid and low equilizer on the mic or where can i find the tone control?
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