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  1. I just wanted to say Happy holidays to everyone. And I plan to celebrate being here 1 year tomorrow by playing only my Les Paul.
  2. Remove every last bit of "Technology" in it, and remove the pick guard/ add a normal LP one, and it would be a very nice guitar. But since that won't happen, Count me out.
  3. Well my dad (who owns it) decided that I shouldn't be using it anymore, and well instead of getting mad, I decided my own car would be loads better. And he will support me in buying it.
  4. Well. I am not going to be using our Volvo 850 anymore, so I decided to look for an old Volvo 240. Has anyone ever owned one? I already know their amazing Durability+Reliability. If anyone has had one, how is the ride? My 850 has a sport suspension so its quite rigid, but I like it. So many people think their ugly. I think they are a very "Nice", but sporty 70/80/90's design.
  5. Haven't played mine much lately. Well, I haven't played much guitar lately.
  6. What are your Favorite Strings/Tunings for all your favorite Genres, etc. Ill list by my guitars: Les Paul- Ernie ball Regulars, E standard tuning, and setup for Classic Rock/ Thrash metal/ Clean sounds. Washburn Lyon- Ernie ball Beefy's, Drop C tuning, setup for when I play Heavy Metal. Epiphone Explorer- Unknown 10's (or 11's), Drop Db, This is what I use for my own music, Clean and Heavy Rhythm Fender Electric Acoustic- 11's, E Standard, Setup for anything acoustic (and that occasional need for distorted acoustic) My bro's Squire Telecaster- EB Regs, Could use fender bullets, Setup for clean. And my behringer, well it has no strings on it. This could be nice to see string preference to the genre(s) they like.
  7. I like them for their durability, Dunlop's because for the first 2-3 days they sound really good. Then... Not so good. I might try the Gibson vintage ones, or whatever their called. This makes me think of another question. I'll post another topic.
  8. Happy Birthday!!! Wow, That finish is amazing. Never thought I'd see a green guitar as perfect as that. Congrats.
  9. Woot Seattle! Ok, but really. The Rock/Grunge genre was HUGE in the 90's. A lot of great music was produced.
  10. Ernie Ball Regulars, and rarely Dunlop 10's, are the only Strings I'll put on my Lessy. For my other guitars; each one usually gets its own style. Lyon gets the 11's, My Epiphone has 11's I believe on it, which will be changed soon. dem00n, how hard do you hit your strings? I'm just curious to know, because I haven't broken any in well over a year. You should also record some playing with these strings, I've never heard them.
  11. I think spending 1000+ is not needed. Go find deals for vintage gear. My stereo setup: Early 70's Kenwood KR-2120 Stereo Receiver. 2 Mid-late 70's Akai towers 2 Early 90's Bose speakers. All of it is in stereo, Sounds great. Running it with my computer with an RCA/3mm Jack. The speakers are the classic "Wire" connection. I'm going to say I spent less than a tank of gas.
  12. Here in Kirkland, Wa. 47°F | °C Current: Showers Wind: S at 17 mph Humidity: 74% My car said it was 43F where I am. Weather.com says its 45 and feels like 39.
  13. Hes underrated, because the first thing someone thinks of when they hear his name is his Music Privacy following, or his rudeness during the St. Anger times But hes a killer drummer. Sidenote: he has Sucked alot, but listen to his classic stuff. Its good.
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