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  1. I purchaced a new Gibson Byrdland recently but I am having a problem with it during live gigs. When I use it with my Fender valve amp it seems to develope a static charge which discharges with a crackle when I move. It doesn't happen when I use solid state amps, nor does it happen when I use one of my other Gibson archtops with the Fender amp. The earth wire is definately connected to the tailpiece which first on my check list. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I have been playing a new Gibson Byrdland through a Fender Twin Amp recently but after playing for a couple of minutes, if I move at all, it crackles - the noise is like a static discharge crackle. I have checked all connections and everything in that department is definately all right. I have tried a number of my other Gibson using the same set up and it never happens. If I stand perfectly still its all right and after it happens its allright for about another 15 seconds then it happens again. I have been playing professionally for 40 years and I have never come across this before. If anyone has any ideas what is causing this and how to correct this I would be very grateful.
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