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  1. I also have a 2008 Epiphone Hummingbird (not natural (cherry burst)). Like you, I have noticed that it does seem to be a physically heavier instrument than most other guitars I've handled. I know mine does have a solid top. I'm not very good at describing the way a guitar sounds, but I very much like the way mine sounds. It has a unique sound different from any other guitar I own. I'm on board with you in being very happy that I purchased it (I also purchased it used but in pretty much unplayed condition). A while back I felt the need to thin the herd a bit, and ended up selling an AJ220S that I also very much enjoyed and appreciated. However in comparing the two, the sound of the Hummingbird was head and shoulders above the AJ220S, at least to my ears. Have fun with yours.
  2. Based on your numerous posts and threads, I know how much you like your AJ220. I use to have one as well, I played it alot. Once I got the hummingbird, I found the AJ220 didn't get much string time, so I ended up passing it along to a kid who was just getting started playing.
  3. How so? Not sure I follow. Is it bad business for Gibson, retailers, the customer?
  4. My perspective, not so much which is better or worst, or if it's worth the extra money for the Gibson. It's nice to know that a person, perhaps just getting started, does not have to pay a ton of money to get a decent sounding guitar. I do agree with Guitarlight, I very much like the look as well as the sound of my Epiphone Hummingbird.
  5. You folks may have already seen these, but they were new to me. They are a couple videos comparing the sound of a Gibson and Epiphone Hummingbird. I'm not very good at describing the nuances of sound, but I found these videos interesting - Gibson_Epi
  6. It's one of the earlier Artist versions, it still was made with a solid top. That is the stock pick guard that came on them.
  7. I too have a Epiphone Hummingbird. I love it, it plays and sounds great. It has a unique tone that I very much enjoy.
  8. I hear and agree with you guys with regards to laminates. Actually what had originally caught my attention a few months ago, the earlier versions of the Bird Artist sold for $299. When I recently saw them back up for sale, the going price was $199. At first I was wondering why the price drop. I continue to be amazed at the nice Epiphone guitars that are available for such reasonable prices. There is really no excuse for someone interested in starting to play not to jump feet first into the pool.
  9. I have a 2009 issue that I bought used about a year ago. Been extremely happy with mine. Was wondering, does yours have a solid top? Mine does, I saw that the version currently being sold by GC/MF has a laminated top. Was just curious. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
  10. I bought a tascam last year right about this time. They had them on sale, along with a rebate so it ended up costing about $30. There is usually a $20 -$25 rebate offer in effect, so check that out. Can't beat them for ease of use, coupled with the ability to make a very decent recording. Regarding multiple tracks, have you tried using Audacity? It's free and works pretty well for recording multiple tracks. have fun,
  11. I own a PR-350 six string that I like. My has a solid top, sounds like the 12 string has a laminate top. Valuewise, I bough my six string for $30 at a flea market. For me it was a very worthwhile purchase. have fun,
  12. I have no firsthand knowledge of the Dave Navaro model. As a matter of fact, I had never head of it before. So I did a search to see what it looked like, and found this - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-dave-navarro-signature-model-acoustic-electric-guitar/423938002000000?cntry=us&source=3WWRWXGP&gclid=CO-8yKvqxMICFfPm7AodBCgAmA&kwid=productads-plaid^90167066682-sku^423938002000000@ADL4MF-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^55815864387#productDetail which list the guitar as having a solid back and sides. (for what it's worth)
  13. I just saw these are on sale at one of the large online sellers as an Early Black Friday special for $149.
  14. I have the earlier version of the Hummingbird Artist and it does indeed have a solid top. It's a wonderful guitar, plays and sounds great. I'm sure you'll enjoy yours. I think the earlier solid top versions were priced about $100 more brand new than the current version. That's an interesting wooden box in your photo, did you make that?
  15. I also own the same combo, the AJ220S and the 2008 Epiphone Hummingbird Artist with Original Heritage Cherry Red burst, no pick up, solid top. I'm in total agreement with GL's comments. I can't vouch for how they sound when singing, since I can't sing. I do enjoy the way both instruments sound and play. I'd say neither is better or worst than the other, they are just different.
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