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  1. i use it to watch music videos and movies while im taking a break.
  2. anybody got any idea how to map to the scs.4dj screen?? do i have to use hid or midi?? can you ask the developers?? i've gotten very good at mapping with this thing, but i can't figure out how to control the screen. i see things highlight on it sometimes at random when using virtual dj, but i don't know why it happens, or how to do it. i've learned all the buttons, and all the LED's, and i can map it to any app, virtual dj, traktor, mixxx, even FL Studio, but i can't figure out how to use the screen. any clues??
  3. New website looking for DJ's. Im on the roster list, and have been using my SCS.4DJ as both a midi trigger, and as a standalone device. If you wanna apply for DJ slot and free airplay, profile, show, and streaming, visit us on http://www.crate-digger.net/ and click apply. send a demo of a mix, or your soundcloud / mixcloud page, and someone will get with you shortly to set you up a schedule. figured there's plenty of DJ's here who wanted to get in some air time, and have some fun with your SCS.4DJ's. tellem MTRX sent ya. 8P hope to see you guys in chat, and hear what you've accomplished with your devices in real time. 8D don't forget this is free. this isn't a scam spam or anything, this is just for fun.
  4. There's another TSI floating around this forum, but i don't use it. it's for 4DECKS. and you have to upload something to your scs.4dj if i remember correctly. i wrote the freeware mapper for virtual dj, download it and open it in notepad, and you can find all my cc codes in there. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/108221-free-stanton-scs4dj-to-virtual-dj-mapperfree-mapping-file-by-mtrx/
  5. got that part done, to write a new definition file. this will probably result in stanton - virtual dj - freeware mapper 2.0.
  6. it appears you can write a "definition" to override the built in controller. right now im trying to figure out how to get my sysexid. >8( gotta be an easier way. anyone know the sysexid for the scs.4dj
  7. hi, i wrote the simple midi wrapper for the stanton scs.4dj that you can find on this forum. since then virtual dj has included built in support for the scs.4dj. good and bad case for me, and possibly others. when i'm using built in support mapping my scs.4dj is totally different. i no longer get midi codes for each individual button. instead i get names. one entry by name will control both sides of the device. this limits what i can do with the scs.4dj, and i don't like it. i want to either go back to using my midi wrapper i wrote, or i want to disable built in support for the scs.4dj and write a new one. anyone know how to disable the built in support, or switch to simple midi wrapper??
  8. analyzing track is absolute murder on the scs.4dj. at one point i waited weeks for it to finish scanning. weeks!!!! i have an 80GB stuffed in there, but it shouldn't take that long. i eventually fixed it by formatting the drive, putting my music back on there, scanning it with quickgrid(wudda joke), putting it back in, and letting it scan all over a again. even when things go right scanning bugs can happen and make the system take days to scan a small collection. even when you run quickgrid which is supposed to do all the work before hand, it will still take a long time scanning your library. virtual dj does it in a snap, and the database is usually only about 10MB's on a massive library, but on this thing it's time consuming and space wasting. the scs.4dj database can take gigs of harddrive. i have no idea what they did or why it sucks so bad, but i'm guessing maybe they're creating peak files for each track to try and load the track faster, but it's not helping much. if you get trapped waiting days on a library that's only a few gigs, maybe you should pre condition the library using the quickgrid software, then put it back on the scs.4dj, and let it run it's course overnight. this thing is a get up and go out of the box kind of deal it takes a while to get it ready for a show, and so far, i don't know anyone who uses it live. they advertised it as a professional DJ all in one solution, but it's anything but that.
  9. go back to the beginning of the track and pressing cue is pretty much your only hope. someone forgot to put in the ability to delete cue. just another dingle berry on the pile of crap that is the software.
  10. don't expect to much from it. great hardware, but software is a fail. i eventually quit using mine with the built in software and just use it as a super expensive controller, which it doesn't quite do so well at that either. the browser is ridiculous. search a track, load a song, go to waveform view, then go back to your browser, and your search results are gone. you can't browse by folders either, so sorting your music on your harddrive is almost pointless. There's a lot of common sense features missing, and some things are just quirky too. like i haven't figured out how to delete the cue point. you press the cue button on a track, and your stuck with it, untill you move it somewhere else which is pretty aggrivating. whenever i want to use the touch function to go back to the beginning of the track i have to make sure my cue is at the beginning of the track, or simply not set a cue point at all. the hot cues are kind of retarded as well. they snap to the beat markers instead of the line, which can get pretty annoying. I have a strong case of buyers remorse from buying this thing. Everything it could of been-it wasn't. and everything it shouldn't of been it was. i'm not so sure the coders really got along side musicians to build this thing, and to be honest the programmers are at the fault of the failure of this device. the hardware is great stuff, and there's groups trying to get stanton to give up the source code, so the open source people can fix it, and make better software for it, but stanton hasn't given anyone the keys yet. don't know what they're protecting. there's no code in this thing worth stealing. good luck with your new device. for half a grand i expected a lot more.
  11. alright, gonna work on some buttons today.
  12. i'm liking it so far. the other buttons i'm not so worried about. i can map my buttons the way i like and effects etc....first thing i went after was the platters, and you pretty much nailed it. my only question is where's the line / var to adjust the sensitivity?? it's a little fast, and i'd like to reduce the sensitivity just a bit. mostly to match the feel of the SCS.4DJ or a little slower. if you take a 140BPM track, and give the platter a half turn, on the SCS.4DJ it will pull you back or forward about 1.5BEATS, if i'm using virtual DJ i make it just a little slower than that. in mixxx, im getting 2FULL beats with a half turn of the platter. that's a little to fast for me, and faster than the SCS.4DJ's native platter functionality. other than that. good job dude. the platter is responsive, i'll show you my button mappings after i remap the fx panels, loop buttons, etc. gonna have some serious fun now that you got me platters. i suggest anyone who's using mix to download this script and get your platters working. once i get back to working on it, i'll see if i can find all the LED codes, so we can get the VU's, and the rest of the buttons working. thanks again.
  13. alright i'll give it a shot. my music goes genre > artist > album. so it's always at least 3LEVELS deep. might be why it didn't work for me last time i tried it. i didn't know it only went 2LEVELS deep. sucks. noob ware. so i guess i'll do genre > artist, and then make my plists like that. i basically want to tear my hair out when i do a search > sort > select track, and have to start over everytime i leave the home screen. i found a lot of people saying the same thing on many different forums. a straight folder browser would be a major upgrade. i hope someone important sees this.
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