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  1. i was 6, and the world was magical, now im 14 and its even better
  2. my fav. part was jack white
  3. Anyone ever heard of or seen this movie? I like it.
  4. Either an epiphone inspired by john lennon casino revolution or something else that sparks my interest, hopefully I will know by my birthday.
  5. Congratulations, i can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be to get off that stuff, and i'm only 13!
  6. Some snow where I am, though so far, I've only had 1 snow day this winter.
  7. It doesn't really matter to me if my guitar has nicks in it, as long as it is still playable
  8. @ R9: why does the prs have 2 five way switches? sorry, I'm not that familiar with prs guitars
  9. What I would recommend is using one of the zz guitarworks bigsby adapters, though there may be some leftover space between the adaptor and the body, which my luthier filled up with rubber washers.
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