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  1. Also guys, here's a link to an obviously near minty one, and in the pics (tell me if I'm wrong), but the handle actually lloks plastic. The busted one on mine is solid plastic. Could it be actually original? I'd just assumed that a custom case for an expensive limited run reissue trying to look like an original 58 would use a proper stiched leather handle!? http://www.frettedamericana.com/product/1981-gibson-flying-v-heritage-birds-eye-korina
  2. Hi all. I have a 1981 Gibson Heritage Korina, and the original case handle is knackered (as they tend to be). It's the brown case with the pink lining. The handle I got with the case when I bought it is a cheap plastic job (and it of course snapped in twain in transit recently). As far as I am aware the originals are a stitched (brown with white stitching?) leather (or maybe vinyl?), with a "squared C" shape and a flattened ridge where it's stitched. Is this all correct? If so, where on earth would I find one? I'll also need the hinge hardware. Would of course prefer original - don't suppose someone got a huge box of them from the factory in 1983?? Any help would be great. Mat
  3. Hi all. I'm always on the lookout! IF an original, unmolested, reasonable condition 1983 Gibson Explorer Heritage Korina (100 made as I understand it, along with another 100 Custom Shop Korina Explorers of the same year) came up for sale with its original case, what would it go for? Anyone have an idea, or know of any that have sold in recent times? The reason I ask is that you just don't see them come up much! I've seen the odd one sell on ebay (the last 2 went for about $3200 and $3700 respectively from memory), but that's about it. It looks like the market may have slowed (I could've sworn they would go for up to 7k a few years back), but it's hard to say, given they're pretty rare. I see many ads (more so for Heritage Korina V's) fishing around 7-8k, but they don't sell. Would love to hear your thoughts! Mat
  4. And can I get ANY serial numbers guys?? Is there a record somewhere? Edit - finally found them! Heritage Korina Explorers were stamped in ink with a 1, followed by a space, followed by 4 numbers. They were simply numbered in order of manufacture, so I assume they range from "1 0001" to around "1 0100". Whew!
  5. Hey thanks for the reply! I'm happy to say I have now seen (a pic at least) a LE Heritage 1983 Explorer. It indeed has a stamped serial and old-style tulip tuners. Other than that, it looks like all the 1983 reissues were the same. The Heritage just looks a bit more authentic, I suppose. Man, they're not easy to track down! Oh, and here's an intriguing link: http://www.geocities.co.jp/SweetHome-Skyblue/1811/explorer2.html anyone knoe the lingo!!??
  6. I too have been trying to suss this one out. I have a 1981 A series Korina V, and a (really hard to find!!) 1983 custom shop LE explorer in Korina. There's alot of chat, but i've not seen actual proof of 2 things (and please let me know if anyone can chime in!): 1. It is said in some circles that there were SOME 1976 Explorer LE's in korina. I hear that there were great attempts to produce them, but there was jno quality Korina available at the time, so they went with mahogony. However, some swear a few Korina versions were made. I am yet to see proof of this 2. There were, later in 1983, apparently around 100 Korina Explorer Custom Shop Limited Editions (pressed serials, newer style tuners and custom shop logo), and about 100 "Heritages" (stamped serial, original '58 style tuners). Thing is, I am actually yet to see an example of the "Heritage" style! Anyone got pics/proof/serials? I don't doubt they exist, it's just that I have never seen one of found a pic of one! Mat
  7. Thanks Pippy. Yep, I'd heard the stuff about lack of timber when they tried to get the '76 run done. I hadn't heard about the run of 38 Korina Explorers that they did manage to make at that time. Can anyone verify this? In meantime, would love people to answer the original post. Thanks Pippy.
  8. whoa! settle down and stop all talking at once....
  9. Hi all. I'm rather enjoying a bit of ongoing research into the first round of '58 reissues of V, Explorer & (not technically a "reissue" - or IS it...heh) Modernes. Now, I'm asking here about the Explorers in Korina. I now know they were made in 1983 only (there MAY be some very rare earlier Korina's from 1976, but the only actual run of Korinas was 1983). Now, as I understand it, there were about 100 Korina Heritages, and about 100 Kornina Custom Shop Explorers made in 1983. The Heritages had a stamped serial (old school style) and old style tuners (like the originals), whereas the Custom Shop ones had a pressed-in serial, stamped custom shop logo, and Kluson tuners. All had 3-piece bodies, however a fistful (?maybe 10 of each type) of the earliest ones had 2 piece bodies. All the Heritage models were natural Korina, whereas the Custom Shop ones were maybe about 1/2 natural, then others in red, black and blonde? All came with Tim Shaw PAF hand-wound pickups. Is this all correct? Can anyone add to info? I am yet to see a single pic of one of the Korina Heritage Explorers from 1983 (but have seen lots of the Custom Shop ones...)!! What serial numbers were they all given? What are they all worth these days? Awesome, Mat
  10. Will as soon as I get the guitar back. It's overseas with a mate at the moment!! In meantime, I've just been enjoying some research and reading.
  11. Hi gang. Here's the dilemma, and I don't reckon there's gonna be an easy answer. I am the lucky owner of a recently acquired 1981 "A" serial Gibson flying V Heritage 58 reissue Korina. Thing is, it's in awesome original shape, with loads of mojo! The original gold hardware all has some surface corrosion (pickup covers, "V" plate, etc. I could polish it all to new-original, but I reckon this would ruin the vintage vibe! What are opinions out there? Mat
  12. Interesting. Check out the bit on the link re "FF-82" shown at the Franfurt show.... http://www.flying-v.ch/heritage/heritage.htm
  13. Oh wait! Found where I'd read about it.... http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=180557 Looks like this practice extended beyond the Korina's into other models of the era (~1981-1984?). Looks also like the names may appear in any of the control or pickup cavities. Let's hear about them!!
  14. Hi all. I'm certain I've read something elsewhere about this, but can't seem to track it down. So tell me - those of you out there who own Heritage Korina V's (1981-), Explorers (1983-) or Modernes (1983-) from the 80's - is there a girl's name written inside the control cavity? I have an A series 1981 V on its way to my door, and I've heard the guys in the factory often got up to mischief writing girls' names on guitars. So, post 'em if you find 'em. I wanna get a database of serial/models/year and the corresponding girl's name!!
  15. Hey cheers - mine's A250 - they might be brothers! Tell me, is there a girls' name written in the control cavity? I've heard ongoingly that guys in the factory were doing that. I believe someone out in interweblandia is compiling a list? Mat
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