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  1. I realize I'm answering a 6 month old question. I too have been trying to decide between the 2 Synapse models. The Transcale has a space between the fingerboard and neck for the moving capo. I don't know if I would get used to that feel...maybe. The sound of the piezo blended in is what makes the instrument imo. When you put the capo at the 2nd fret to have a "regular" 25.5 inch scale length but the neck is somewhat bulky. Something un-natural to the feel. The SS 2F has a regular neck feel to it. The ST2 FPA(Transcale) sounds great because of the piezo, but with the neck feel and too many moving parts (capo). I've decided on the SS PF. The whole feel of a bulkier neck with hollow strips along both sides of the neck has killed any desire for the ST2 FPA. It's too bad the SS 2F isn't available with the added piezo bridge. That would give me what I want from both models in one package. Happy Pickin'
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