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  1. there is an example i can think of the iommi SG to be slightly bias as the pick ups are the same as the gibson and if im not mistaken the body is the same wood?
  2. i have his epi sg :D Andy James for me though
  3. joe sat puts his heart into his playing like always with me always with you... andy james buts soul into his shred and you can also feel that i mean come on... they are showing skill mixed with passion and you can see/feel that in every movement the greats like malmsteen and micheal angelo batio as well as vai all show you passion OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE steve vais g3 in denver you cant fit any more passion into that not to mention zakk wylde with his insane skills and unbelievable classic pianist
  4. Hey everyone, i need help with my g400, the frets are buzzing like crazy but only on the high e its nothing to do with the nut or the pegs and only happens when playing up between 12 and 17th frets i think its an un level fret but im unsure, any tips are welcome. But if there are any guitar techs in south wales area give me a holler. cheers
  5. I have a fender deluxe 900 amp with built in effects and tuner, its an amazing looking amp sounds greate and comes with foot switch and 2 jack leads £300 takes it uk only SPREAD THE WORD
  6. Had my iommi sg g400 for about 4 years now still plays like the first day i bought it, started using the ernie ball cobalts 0.10's and my god those mixed with the iommibuckers is amazikng tone and sound
  7. Hey guys i dont know many of you have tried them yet but i purchased ernie ball cobalt slinkys yesterday and oh my days i was blown away highly suggest them
  8. well ive been researching some of my heros and andy james is by far my biggest inspiration i love his technique and how he puts his soul into what he does, i have had many a discussion with pals to see who is technically superior but i still think its andy, where as a few of my friends think jeff loomis? these guys have different techniques and style of music but i personally feel they are even better than the guitar gods (joe sat, patrucci, malmsteen, michael angelo batio and even steve vai)
  9. holy hell its up for £4000 really?!?!? you could by a normal casino and have change for a stack!!
  10. guys need your help, what brand of string would you suggest be the best for very low tuning? i play mostly in drop A# and drop b# i usually use ernie ball beefy slinkies or the not even slinkies
  11. i tend to use 11-58 on sg and it copes really well ive even used the 12-56 both ernie ball and they are great if you want to bend though with this sort of gauge you will need to work on your hand strength took me a while but when you get it you can huge bends
  12. looks awesome all blacked out you need to get the bridge and tail piece blacked out
  13. The SG of doom is getting an over haul frets re shaped and polished new strings. Fixed the crack on the back with you wont believe it Mrs iommisg's favorite black nail polish and its looks very good once she returns pics shall be posted!
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