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    At Vintage Licks Guitars the focus is on providing exceptionally good sounding vintage acoustic guitars and resonators professionally set up for accomplished players and professional musicians who seek that authentic sound of the depression and war time eras.
  1. Rare and short lived Grover 102-W tuner set aka "Open Book" or "Mustache" tuners for both bass and treble side as seen on mid 1930s Gibson L0, L00, HG00 and J35s. Excellent condition. Mounting screws included. (each tuner strip is "side specific") Currently the only set advertised For Sale on the planet. Please call with any questions. $450 Please follow this link for more high resolution photos and my preferred contact information. More Photos and contact info
  2. Actually 46 Banner J50s were manufactured in 1943 98 Banner J50s manufactured in 1942 144 total Banner J50s manufactured. All built by women.
  3. The Gibson Epiphone FT79 Texan's are the "long scale" (25 3/4″) version of the round shoulder Gibson J45/J50 with ornamentation inspired by the Country Western model , but with single parallelogram fret markers. Fancy head stock inlay like the CW with a slim fast neck and a 1 5/8 " nut width. Same fit and finish as any J45. And as with other natural topped models, Gibson always used their best looking woods. Engineered to be very powerful and we consider them to be outstanding sounding guitars and fun to play. Replacing the adjustable ceramic saddle with a rosewood insert slotted for a proper intonated bone saddle always improves their sound characteristics. When properly executed, this modification can easily be returned to original. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epiphone_Texan Hope this is helpful.
  4. Now that is a pair to draw to!! Damn Toby, you are killing me ....
  5. If Toby doesn't mind, I'll field this one... a properly repaired crack will never negatively affect the sound characteristics of an already great sounding guitar. Here is the original narrative describing our restoration ..... be sure to view the videos of some other fine pickers playing this fine instrument. '44 LG2 Banner Hope this is helpful.
  6. Oh Toby, thank you so very much for the kind words, same to every one else as well.... (I haven't been to the Gibson forum in awhile and lost my credentials and had to re register) Everyone should know, besides being such the wonderful and talented player, Toby is quite the discerning collector. His collection, or should I say arsenal or even pro tool box is filled with stunning guitars anyone (including my self) would be envious of. Bravo Toby! Hopefully without sounding like a promo, I do appreciate these comments, this is truly the payoff for my passion of providing great sounding guitars to fine people. Best wishes to all! Benn
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