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  1. You have a big mouth E-ROW!!! It's funny that even the picture you attached has the wrong beat grid on deck A. I spent so much time already on this forums and i used to have 3 units (check my older posts if you want} Anyway, i'm not going to argue with you, it's not worth it ;-)
  2. +1 E-ROW but i don't expect anything else from Stanton, they seem like dead ... They can't even fix the loops that are always an-synchronized and creating a mess in your mix and you expect the whole waveform to be viewed? lol I really tried my best to love this device but Stanton tried hard to piss me of with there ignorance or (inability) to develop the software inside scs4dj. Great concept, bad delivery!!!
  3. thobrom use Norton Ghost, EaseUs Todo backup or Acronis True Image etc... I did backup my scs4dj flash drive with Norton Ghost and everything worked flawlessly (loops,hot cues,fixed bpm,etc ...)
  4. 5 things from me today... 1st) THANKS! Thanks for the sync behaviour setting, thanks for the Time rift setting,thanks for faster browsing, thanks for hi-pass and low-pass filters(not sure about the rest FX ) and huge thanks for the the manual loop, i'm still missing badly the move active loop function though (no joke, pm me and i'll pay you for this)... It could be easily done by holding BACK + MOVE JOG Wheel A << >> (FOR DECK A) or holding ENTER + MOVE JOG Wheel B << >>( FOR DECK B ). I still have hopes that you will include that function on the final release of v5! 2nd) v5 BETA Now let's talk about what we already have in v5, overall v5 is working flawlessly for me,i have to mention that my library is extremely organized and that i'm using a high speed micro sd card class 10 with a usb adapter witch is formatted in fat32 to get those results... My only concern in this beta v5 is the new and (horrible)waveform view caused by QuickGrid v1.20.2 and all the following functions that are still missing -----> 3rd) STILL MISSING!!! My suggestion as a customer with 3 units and 15 years of experience in producing music and Djing ... Please do the basics like browsing drive(s)folders (please don't tell me about PLAYLISTS), delete a song from the library, add eq on the mic in system settings, add panning in system settings, add mono out in system settings, add the ability to disable crossfader or pitch faders in system settings, add more functions on the computer keyboard (when you use one) like REC,TAP,TOUCH,LOOP,even SHIFT button for gain and the new fx..., MOVE ACTIVE LOOP << >> , seek position JUMP 8-16-32 fixed bars << >> (please don't tell me to hold scratch + move the JOG wheel), overall waveform view of the song with hotcue pointson the waveform panel, new manual and (working) way to fix the grid (please don't tell me about to tap or set bpm bla bla bla...)Just an idea how to fix that problem: it could be easily done if you add the function move (re-size) loop out or loop in << >> like the old cdjs, so the user will be able to fix manual and perfectly the active loop(grid) by using his ears and his eyes, then simply add another function to set the fixed grid of the active loop that you just did to the rest of the song! Guys, just read all of our requests and concerns in this forum for all this years, get the job done and you'll become HUGE!!! If your programmers can't do it, just fire them and hire people with more skills that can take you to the next level and make us happy... 4th) GIVING UP Sorry but if you don't include and fix things on the last and final v5 i'm about to give up and try to find other ways to make my job(life) easier, i really liked the concept but... WHY to give up? Because you guys don't listen or you just don't care enough about your products and your customers ... 5th) HAPPY HOLIDAYS Sorry for my limited English, happy and healthy holidays for you and your families guys!!! * << means backwards >> means forward
  5. I know, the thing is that the new version of quick grid analyzed my library much better and it has the new feature to add only new songs to the library. I'm sure Gibson will fix this quick grid issue very soon.
  6. Yeap ... Thank you BaZe! Please Gibson, go back to the old waveform view!
  7. Testing,testing,testing! Very impressed with your work guys, you made my day
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