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  1. hi all thanks for all the informative comments. as i am still working, i do product development for a computer company, i havent had much time to investigate and play my epi emperor "joe pass". from the other forums, apparently i need to optimize the amplification equipment. i have a fender tube amp hot rod deville, and a fender acoustic solid state acoustinix afx. tube amp sounds much better, but i didnt play around with the adjustments very much anyway, a friend at the tennis club, who is a retired, just plays guitar a lot, he has a jazz trio, steered me to some websites and online lessons which i will have a look at. z
  2. hi L5larry, thanks for the advice regarding getting an asian guitar i recently purchased an epip emperor joe pass waiting for it to arrive. i will see how i do with it before committing significant funds regards z
  3. hi all i was thinking of learning to play jazz, and should i get a beginner instrument like an epiphone or just jump in and get a gibson. as the gibson is at least 5x the cost of an epiphone, i guess if i didnt like it i wouldnt be out that much money. as i havent played hardly any archtops, what would you suggest probably would start out with chord based pieces, and then branch out to more complex i have been playing acoustic for many years, and have some classical guitar training, so i am not totally a novice. z
  4. hi all this weekend i did play the new Gbison SJ-200 sunburst figured maple at the local GC it was the standard model, not the elite or studio it really sounded great. the guitar must have been there for a while, or played a lot as it had been handled a bit i will probably go back, and play it again to see if i really like it z
  5. hi ab do you have a link to your J200? thanks z
  6. hi all thanks to all for the great information and comments sharing your experiences is really helpful to me i did play a new J-185 custom at the LGS, sounded really great, but i think that the SJ-200 or J-200 might suit me better, as i think i need more low end the maple brightness really accentuates the mids and highs imho as i have only rosewood and mahogany guitars, this maple sound seems to provide the different sound that i am looing for at the LGS, they had a consigned Taylor 612ce, sounded really great as well. if they drop the price perhaps it might wander home with me z guess that i will have to start looking, and wait for the right instument to show up
  7. hi all i am considering a Gibson SJ-200 Maple to maximize my resources, i am considering the used market i played a new one at the LGS, and it sounded great! however, i own Martins and a Taylor, so the sound from the Gibson is so different. for some reason, Martin and Taylors are very numerous on the used market, not so for Gibson acoustics ( I am in the SF BayArea) As each guitar is so different, as i recall when i was looking for my first Taylor, i must have played at least 6-8 of the same model, and they all sounded different to me, and i got confused, so i just bought a new one. i like to play fingerstyle folk music of the 60s and 70s, and am looking for the mellower sound of the Gibson. any advice is appreciated regarding certain years and configurations z
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