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  1. hi all


    thanks for all the informative comments.

    as i am still working, i do product development

    for a computer company, i havent had much time to investigate and play my epi emperor "joe pass".


    from the other forums, apparently i need to optimize the amplification equipment.

    i have a fender tube amp hot rod deville, and a fender acoustic solid state acoustinix afx.

    tube amp sounds much better, but i didnt play around with the adjustments very much


    anyway, a friend at the tennis club, who is a retired, just plays guitar a lot, he has a jazz trio,

    steered me to some websites and online lessons which i will have a look at.




  2. hi all


    i was thinking of learning to play jazz, and should i get a beginner instrument like an epiphone or just

    jump in and get a gibson.

    as the gibson is at least 5x the cost of an epiphone, i guess if i didnt like it

    i wouldnt be out that much money.

    as i havent played hardly any archtops, what would you suggest

    probably would start out with chord based pieces, and then branch out to more complex


    i have been playing acoustic for many years, and have some classical guitar training,

    so i am not totally a novice.



  3. hi all


    this weekend i did play the new Gbison SJ-200 sunburst figured maple at the local GC

    it was the standard model, not the elite or studio

    it really sounded great.

    the guitar must have been there for a while, or played a lot

    as it had been handled a bit


    i will probably go back, and play it again to see if i really like it



  4. I have a Gibson SJ200M in Quilted maple. This is a smaller bodied version of the SJ200 and much more comfortable to play. It''s on of a limited run of 50 only Worldwide but would seem ideal for what you want. It has a really mellow sound and the Baggs Electrics are really good. No harsh piezo sounds and the battery lasts for ages. They may be hard to come by though.


    I'm actually offering mine for sale on EBay, not because I don't love it just because I am frightened to put a mark on it! I also bought an Epiphone Masterbilt guitar which sounds fabulous and really suits me so that will do for me and someone else might enjoy the Gibson SJ200 M Quilt. It's a lovely piece of wood and the inlays are really nice.


    I hankered after a Gibson J200 for years then when I tried one found it to be just a bit too big to be comfortable. The Epiphone version is well worth a look, very affordable and gets rave reviews.



    hi ab


    do you have a link to your J200?



  5. Z - I have an SJ-200 maple 4 ribbon bridge via Music Villa. I only finger pick and it works fine, but (as mentioned) it is not the first model folks think of for that style of play. Several years back, I took a mail order chance with some real assistance from folks here on the forum and back when custom orders were accepted. by Gibson. I owned a J-150 already so I was familiar with the instrument size and maple tone. I hope though, you can get to play the guitar you are looking for first as there is no substitute for having the one you buy in your hands. Let me know, if I can answer any questions. Good hunting.




    hi all


    thanks to all for the great information and comments

    sharing your experiences is really helpful to me


    i did play a new J-185 custom at the LGS, sounded really great, but i think that the SJ-200 or J-200

    might suit me better, as i think i need more low end the maple brightness really accentuates the mids and highs imho

    as i have only rosewood and mahogany guitars, this maple sound seems to provide the different sound that

    i am looing for

    at the LGS, they had a consigned Taylor 612ce, sounded really great as well. if they drop the price

    perhaps it might wander home with me




    guess that i will have to start looking, and wait for the right instument to show up

  6. hi all


    i am considering a Gibson SJ-200 Maple

    to maximize my resources, i am considering the used market

    i played a new one at the LGS, and it sounded great!

    however, i own Martins and a Taylor, so the sound from the Gibson

    is so different.



    for some reason, Martin and Taylors are very numerous on the used market, not so

    for Gibson acoustics ( I am in the SF BayArea)


    As each guitar is so different, as i recall when i was looking for my first Taylor,

    i must have played at least 6-8 of the same model, and they all sounded different to me,

    and i got confused, so i just bought a new one.


    i like to play fingerstyle folk music of the 60s and 70s, and am looking for the mellower sound

    of the Gibson.


    any advice is appreciated regarding certain years and configurations




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