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  1. Now I am thinking my Epiphone is not a "Plus Top" nor is it a "Pro". Will price it accordingly. If anyone thinks differently, please let me know. Thank all!
  2. Sorry for being so guitar-ignorant. I am still confused. I can see woodgrain under the metallic paint on the front of the guitar, but no woodgrain at the back. So are you saying that this is just a "standard" (not plus top)? Also would a "plus top" have these words engraved somewhere. This guitar only says "Les Paul Standard". Thanks for reaffirming.
  3. I have a beautiful "Epiphone Les Paul Standard" in Metallic Burgundy color. I can see maple grain under the metallic paint. I am currently trying to sell it on eBay. Now I am not sure whether it is a plain Jane "Standard" or a "Plus Top Pro". Can anyone tell me the difference? Or is it something else? I wonder what would be a fair price to ask for? It is in perfect condition. Thanks!
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