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  1. Here's a lesson I did recently on "Sultans Of Swing". I did it on my Les Paul since I don't own a Strat. I thought some folks in here might get a kick out of it. So many killer licks in this one. Cheers
  2. Hey spacealf, I really had a close listen to that part with Transcribe. I slowed it way down. What I heard was a tad different from what I played on the vid but it's different from what you have here. I'm pretty sure he hits the A just before the F# on the way down. So: What I played: E-D-C#-F#-E What you suggested:E-D-C#-A-E What I discovered: E-D-C#-A-F#-E - it's essentially an extra note that I left out. As much as I hate getting something wrong, in the end it's all good man because we get better right?. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Hey Tom, thanks a lot bud, I appreciate you taking the time to comment and to watch the vid. I always played this in bands seems like forever, but probably like a lot of guys I never played it quite right. So I decided to spend the time and transcribe it as best as I could to the original. There is some really awesome playing going on in this tune! There is also quite a lot of confusion over who actually played the lead parts. I always thought it was Skunk Baxter, and many think it's Denny Dias, but it's actually Elliot Randall! Who knew right? Anyways, thanks again for your comments and thanks for watching too. cheers
  4. Hey spacealf, thanks for watching the vid man. I appreciate it. I'm curious as to which notes I got wrong though.....anyway you could upload a vid or something to show me where I blew it? cheers bud
  5. I put this up a while ago. IMHO it's a very accurate transcription/lesson of all the lead guitar parts including both solos and all the fills. If you're looking to learn this song I'm confident that this will help you. Good luck and I hope you get something out of it. cheers everyone
  6. I just put this up. The solo is less than 20 seconds long, but some really crazy and difficult licks and timing. If you're looking to learn this song I'm pretty sure this will help. cheers everyone
  7. Hey deeman, wow! not exactly sure how to reply to this man or even what you're thinking here...but never the less I hope you're able to get something from my channel. peace brother
  8. This is my latest upload to my Shutup & Play youtube channel. IMHO it's a very accurate tutorial teaching the picking technique and fingering Paul uses to play this. Pretty well every guitar player plays Blackbird, but very few play it correctly. I'm sure you will get something out of it. Thanks everyone Cheers
  9. Thanks pauly, I'm glad you like them. Cheers man.
  10. Hey GibSinCity (nice handle BTW, I had to read it a couple of times before I got it!) that looks like a cool site. Especially for tabs.
  11. Hey Dennis, thanks for subscribing man, that's cool. Yeah Blackbird is awesome. I'm gonna put that up soon. Mood for a Day is just sweet playing, a little out of my realm, but beautiful nylon string classical guitar. When you say Takin' Care of Business do you mean Bachman Turner Overdrive BTO? If you do, yeah that is a killer tune for guitar players. Everyone should know it, kinda like Smoke on the Water right? As far as all the blah blah blah that people do on youtube, yeah I really hate it too! My plan is to play the selection up to speed first, that might be all advanced players need, then play it slow for more intermediate players, and then break it down and explain it more for beginner/intermediate guys. So far so good. Thanks again for watching man. Cheers
  12. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAwuvzhah0KUw5QNihSkEwQ It's for intermediate to advanced players. I'm trying really hard to teach solos to many popular rock tunes as accurately as possible, with a minimum of "blah, blah, blah". Please feel free to comment and if you find it useful I would love to get more subscribers! And you can hear my 1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe through my Egnater Renegade amp! I'll be putting up a new vid every week. Cheers everyone.
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