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  1. Happy to know that!!Thank you!Its a great-great guitar!
  2. The serial number is 9569 and it was made in Long Island.Thanks for the infos!
  3. Here she is .Before the restoration: http://trixorda.blogspot.gr/2012/03/blog-post_28.html
  4. Thanks for the responce! There are no structural issues on the guitar and i have place a cheap set (with 0,11 on e string).she has a great sound and i assume it wsould have been better with the correct strings for this guitar.Pictures coming soon.Sorry for my not so good english writing..
  5. I own an Epiphone Spartan Spec.I believe she is from 1936 to 1940.I need advice for the appropriate strings for her.Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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