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  1. Sorry SG dude! A bit late to answer your first question. But better late than never. I like your idea about changing the pickguard on the 61. It will not be a problem to have the pickups installed into the batwing guard. There´s just one thing you should check before going for it. And that´s all the spaces between the cuttings. Because I´m not sure wether bridge, pickups and all the other things on the 61 would fit the cuttings of the batwing pickguard. If they do, it´ll be no problem. If they don´t, you could always get a pickguard that isn´t pre-cut. Greetings Kurt
  2. Kurt

    spotting a fake

    If the guitar on the picture has a rhomb inlay it´s not a real Gibson. It doesn´t look like a real Gibson anyway, but the picture ist too small for a serious diagnosis. Greetings Kurt
  3. Kurt

    spotting a fake

    To the best of my knowledge, the rhomb (like the one in my avatar) is used on Customs only. So if you´re talking about the 61RI, the answer is NO! You can also check http://everythingsg.com/ wich is a great source for information on SGs. Greetings Kurt
  4. And please Gibson: Make it a CHROMED Maestro!!! Nickel s***s! Sometimes I think it´s Gibsons intention to build the perfect guitar and mess it up at last. They built the first Angus-Signature SG. Perfect, so they messed it up with the headstock decal and the Maestro engraving. Then they made the non aged Robbie Krieger SG. Perfect again. Well let´s mess it up with nickel hardware. Same goes for the 61 and many others... I wouldn´t be surprised if they´d really build H-Bombs nightmare. Why not messing up the perfect guitar with a sideways vibrola? It could be THE guitar if they wouldn´t manage to crook it. And I bet they will.... Greetings Kurt
  5. The first Angus-signature with a regular headstock inlay and Maestrocover. Greetings Kurt
  6. H-Bomb, you should definitely stop drinking tea!!! Try beer... Greetings Kurt
  7. Kurt

    spotting a fake

    Hello! People that can build a complete Les Paul or any other guitar can easily buy an original one and use it as their pattern. Sorry, but if I was a faker, I wouldn´t ask you guys. I´d walk straight into the shop and get me an original of whatever I would like to build. And as long as they aren´t blind, they will see for themselves that there ar only two trussrod cover screws and so on. But, most of them don´t build counterfeit guitars to sell them as originals at the original price. Chinese fakes for example were offered for 200 - 300 Dollars on ebay. Everyone should know that it can´t be a real Gibson then. The main problem are the people that buy those guitars and try to resell them as originals at the original price. And I think it´s o.k. for a forum like this to discuss this issue. What makes you think, that someone, who industrially builds counterfeit guitars, would fail on the number of screws on a trussrod cover? Or another banal thing like this? I like fake threads. Greetings Kurt
  8. Kurt

    fake or not?

    Hi! It sure is a fake. Was said quite often and is true. Sorry. Greetings Kurt
  9. Wow! If there is something like the real thing, this must be it. Congrats! Kurt
  10. I don´t think that you´ll hear much of a difference! So if you like the looks remove them. The only thing you should think about is that they may be wax potted. Greetings Kurt
  11. The REAL AC/DC! Great! Greetings Kurt
  12. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´d rather sell the guitar as it is and would get me the one I like instead. You might even find someone who´d swap a non Maestro vintage guitar for the one you have. Or buy a second one with stop tailpiece. I wouldn´t alter a 71 or 72 guitar. Personally I like Maestros, but I also don´t think that you wouldn´t hear much of a difference. Definitely not enough to make it worth the ruin of a vintage SG. Greetings Kurt
  13. Congrats! Enjoy it. It´s good you like it. 3800 is still a lot of money. Greetings Kurt
  14. Kurt

    Angus Cherry VOS

    Dickey may not be fun, but at least he´s right. I don´t like signature guitars either. But if there´s one thing I like even less, it´s nickel hardware. And if there is another thing I don´t like, it´s old f***d up guitars. On the other hand, if there´s one thing I like, it´s a Maestro equipped SG with full pickguard. So, the 61 with Maestro was no option, because of the half pickguard and the nickel Maestrocover. A vintage guitar is no option when you live in germany. If you need an example check e-bay U.S.A. for Gibsons and then check e-bay germany. By the way, I would never buy a guitar on e-bay without seeing and playing it before. But e-bay gives you an idea what the market is like. That means when I bought it, the Angus signature was the only SG with (chromed) Maestro and it was cheaper then the 61 VOS. The Robby Krieger wasn´t even around then. After I bought it, I was planning on de-angusing it. I found pics and a story on another site (everythingSG) where a guy had his Angus guitar modified to look like a regular 68. Thus meaning he had the headstock decal replaced with the original inlay and replaced the Maestrocover with a regular NOS one. But I didn´t do it at last, because it would have been expensive with a little risk of ruining the headstock too. And I was really surprised how good that guitar is. I´ve got nothing against Angus Young and nothing against signature guitars, but I would want them to be more like the Robby Krieger model for example. It´s a regular Gibson more or less. If there wasn´t the nickel hardware, the regular non aged one would be the ideal SG with Maestro. Nevertheless, I would never buy a signature guitar because it is a signature guitar. But I definitely would buy a good guitar even though it is a signature guitar. And I´m not the only person in this forum, that doesn´t understand why Gibson just can´t seem to build a regular 1968 SG VOS whatsoever. Greetings Kurt
  15. Kurt

    PAF Decals

    Hi! Sorry, I know it´s a thread from early october. If you are ready to read a bit... http://www.provide.net/~cfh/paf.html But the link may not work, so maybe you´ll have to type it. It´s worth it. Greetings Kurt
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