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  1. Thanks for your efforts Nick and everyone else too! I just came across an interesting picture of a 1948 J45. It seems to have the same discoloration between the bridge and pick guard. https://imgur.com/m47XxSN This is the 1948 J45 https://imgur.com/zAEa3GY This is my guitar
  2. Here's a couple videos https://imgur.com/xNQ7pjF https://imgur.com/GeY22jp https://imgur.com/kTnB1wU Fixed the links
  3. Hmmmm the link didn't work... Try these? https://imgur.com/xNQ7pjF https://imgur.com/zAEa3GY https://imgur.com/aMdx0bE https://imgur.com/nWOKlaD https://imgur.com/Zo0IWgf https://imgur.com/xKoTdoJ https://imgur.com/fBfj1nZ https://imgur.com/uY0YDAd https://imgur.com/Ep8M7CU https://imgur.com/ViiWqqV https://imgur.com/Osv67DK https://imgur.com/xghbJWR https://imgur.com/OAnJvup https://imgur.com/s6JwOy1 https://imgur.com/Nupnogi https://imgur.com/fLBe3kC https://imgur.com/jrTK7mO https://imgur.com/CN45csZ https://imgur.com/Ss9O2Tp https://imgur.com/280bsC6 https://imgur.com/aHNn0lc
  4. I didn't seem to get a side view of the headstock but it is tapered.
  5. Ok I finally added pictures to Imgur photo sharing. Here is the link https://kilroyonguitar.imgur.com/all/
  6. I'm seem to remember when I was a kid someone asking "is that the old arch top?" but I was only 12 or 13 and I'm not sure if they were referring to this guitar or one of the others in the room. I will take a ton of pictures tonight and post them to a photo sharing site tonight. I truly appreciate all the help fellas.
  7. Unfortunately when I try to add even one more picture I get an error notice that says I'm at my limit for adding pictures. I would be willing to send by email.
  8. I just took another look at the picture I have of the FON. It looks like it could be either (3649 26) or (9649 26). The first digit is double stamped. I will look at the bracing and report back when I get home from work.
  9. A family member told me the back was changed. It wasn't my father. I supposed I just believed it because there is no label? Maybe they were confused? (They were a bunch of heavy drinkers)lol. I know for sure he had a repair on the front. You can see it between the bridge and pick guard.
  10. Fred thanks for the quick reply. I'll take a look at it when I get home from work. I have a picture inside the body on the neck block. There's a number "9696 26"
  11. I've got a A couple of more pictures but the uploader says they're too big even though just 257k I have a picture inside the body on the neck block. There's a number "9696 26"
  12. Hello from Southern Ontario!
  13. I'm wondering if anyone might be able to help me. I have an old Gibson acoustic that I'm trying to date. The story goes that when my dad got to toronto from rural Nova Scotia in and around 1958 my uncle gave him this guitar to cheer him up. Supposedly it was a few years old at the time. The back was changed back around 1980 so the label was removed. Dad and uncle are both passed away now. I wondering if someone might recognizes the script of the logo or tuning keys and have an idea of what model year this. Any help appreciated! Thanks.
  14. hello all I'm looking for a shcematic of a bfg. Anyone know where I can find one?
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