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  1. L5 Larry, Thanks for your response. Yes, the pin does stick straight down in playing position. You may be right in that the "pin" is actually a broken off screw shaft sticking out of the fingerboard extension. In that case, I may grab it with a needle nose and try to unscrew it. Wish me luck... Dave (axemd)
  2. Hello all. First post here. Sorry if this was addressed somewhere else, but I sure couldn't find it. Sometime ago I bought a 1951 ES-175. It had no pickguard when I bought it and I would like to put one back on. I got a nice repro guard and the lower bracket, screw and block. No problem there. The issue is attaching the front part of the guard (closest to the neck). In my experience, there has normally been a screw in this location (later 175s have one), but on this vintage of 175, there is no screw hole. Instead, there is a small un-threaded pin, sticking straight down about 1/4 inch from the bottom of the neck, just below the last fret. It seems that this pin secures the front of the pickguard, but I can't for the life of me figure out how. I have looked online at a number of early 175s and the front of the guard just seems to be suspended there as if by a divine force. There must be some sort of block or fastener hidden behind the guard in this location, but I've never seen one. I could improvise a connector, but I would rather do it right. Any insights would be welcome, even better would be a picture of this area showing the connection. Thanks Much, Dave (axemd)
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