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    Transcale Strings

    What a waste of time they were,three sets turned up, they sent the wrong ones, bottom three string diameters were wrong ,the website has them marked wrongly,now I have been given a returns label ,my petrol to go to the parcelforce depot,and wait another 6 days!!,never known a company who has been proven wrong not to send out replacements and collect the returns on delivery!! This is the trouble with distance selling,if it was my mistake,I would not have said anything............ I've now got the hump!!
  2. I've ordered my strings , thanks again, I have always played Fender Strats for years,and I have also had a Les Paul,but due to weight I thought I'd try out one of these Steinberger's.. Apart from its great unique design,and fairly well balanced across the shoulder, the build quality in my mind is staggering,but the best surprise of all was the sound it made when I first plugged in and once set up the tonal values..WOW! I was blown away,absolutely fantastic.. My band members commented how well it sounded,so I am now converted after many years of 'Trying' most of the other manufacturer's around,if anyone is thinking of buying one, go for it,you'll be amazed,I was .. Rob
  3. RobC

    Transcale Strings

    Hi Bernd, Thanks ever so much,as you say best get a few sets whilst one can, you reply is appreciated.. Rob
  4. Hi All, Firstly thanks to Mods for validating my request to join............ I am now an owner of a fine synapse Transcale Baritone, but.... Where on earth can you get the double ball strings for these longer neck models? I am located in The UK,but cannot seem to find them anyhwere on the web at all! Anybody got any ideas please, I dont really want to put single ball end strings on at this stage...... Kindest Rob
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