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  1. Well Teja Gerken of Acoustic Guitar, Feb 2014 may beg to differ, ' Overall, the guitar had more of a Martin sound, with great clarity and projection'
  2. Thanks Irish Rover. I hoped the 'S'meant solid. I have a bit of Crimbo money and if it is half the guitar my IB Texan is, then I will buy. Hope your AJ reunion is a sweet one.
  3. Hi everyone. Long time since I been on the forum. As the very happy owner of a Indonesian built IB 1964 Texan, I have been thinking about adding another Epiphone to the stable. As a financially strapped 50 something I have a small budget. I was wondering about people's thoughts about the AJ220s. What I have read seems very positive. Sounds like a cannon etc etc. However can people confirm that it definitely is a SOLID TOP as I really don't want a laminate. My old hometown guitar store has one in stock, and between Christmas and New Year i hope to try it out. Any feedback would be appre
  4. My IB 1964 Texan(Indonesian build) is positively Martinesque. Seems to me it's d18 when strummed or flatpicked, OM21 when fingerpicked.
  5. Gotta agree with Cliff. I got an Indonesian IB Texan. The only thing I have done to it is change the strings. Like Cliff I have compared it some big name guitars. The only one that outplayed it was the new Martin D-18(TRULY AWESOME!, but 6 times more expensive). Landed on my feet with my Epi
  6. Had mine since December 2013, natural finish. Still loving it, can't believe the bargain I got.
  7. I think you will be very pleased. Mine is an absolute delight. I recently have had to part with my beloved Martin(due to extensive house repairs). My IB Texan is now my main guitar. I have no worries about it's performance, plugged and unplugged. A good friend of mine struggles to believe it is a £300(GBP) guitar. He thought at least £800-1000. He borrowed it for his set at our local open mic, and it was a struggle to prise it out of his hands. Maybe later in the year I hope to get the Masterbilt AJ45-ME. It will need to be superb to outdo my Texan!
  8. Many congrats looks great and you can't complain at the price.
  9. I think this going to be a next purchase(along with some serious 'sucking up' to the wife). In a lot of ways I hope this doesn't sound like a Gibson. My IB 1964 Texan is 'Martinesque' in tone, so i'm sure the AJ45 ME will have it's own unique voice. I'm really happy it's short scale. The sunburst looks nice, bone nut and saddle, old style tuners, i could go on. The Thomann price looks ridiculous. I wonder what it will RRP for in the UK?
  10. Well this serves me right. Friday afternoon, finished work. Daughter makes me a lovely cup of tea, so i settle down for a quick surf on the net. Specifically it was to look at the Thomann website where a good friend purchased a superb Guild 12 string at a great price. So just thought i would look at the Epiphone section and saw this new(scheduled release Spring 2015) aj-45 Masterbilt. It looks great and so do the specs. Price is £397GBP!!!. I have no experience of the Masterbilts, only my IB 1964 Texan which is awesome. Could i risk possible divorce for this?. Why did I log on, w
  11. Just to follow on from what Cliffenstein said. I would never have considered an Epiphone for my next acoustic. I'm really a Martin-man. I have an 00-15, superb guitar but really just for fingerstyle. If you can get hold of a great IB Texan like mine and Cliff's, you will be truly blessed. I'm on a bit of a 'Springsteen' kick at the moment(mainly Nebraska, Ghost of Tom Joad, Devils and Dust material). And whether using a pick or my fingers/thumbpick it can handle anything i throw at it. I use partial capos and have tuned down to open Csus tuning. No probs, try one if you like it g
  12. Hi Lars Don't have any videos I can post, just really a written testimonnal. I have a 2014 Indonesian IB 1964 Texan and cannot recommend it highly enough!!!!!!
  13. Have recently played a AJ220s. It was an ex-demo at the same place I got my IB Texan. It was ok, but I wasn't blown away. Nothing for me is really gonna come close to my Texan. Whilst there I tried a J29 and 35 both really nice, but again wouldn't swap my old girl for them. However was very impressed with an EL00 Pro. Great for blues and picking. Stuck her in DADF#AD and she really cooked. Really good projection and with a bit of bark and snarl. Just can't justify it to Mrs Revolver.....ah well!
  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from UK IB 1964 Texan looney
  15. Have seen some in the UK. Basically Martin copies. Quite good ones I am led to believe. They do have issues with narrow headstocks and strings coming into contact with one another.
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