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  1. Maybe it's just me but in my '12 LP standard the pickups sound fantastic
  2. I remember walking out of Guitar Center in Hollywood back in the summer of '85 with a new white Baretta, if I remember right I think I hammered the idiot salesman down to a grand out the door. I might even still have the receipt.. :) Two years before that I bought a Pacer Carrera, that thing was awesome, wish I still had it.
  3. Very nice Duane, Where did you get the body from, 'cause that's not a Beretta body, remember the all have forward slanted pick ups or was that modified ? I did the same thing as you but I built mine from parts, unfortunately not one part of it is Kramer.
  4. I've always Ernie Ball pure nickel wound Super Slinky 9-42's on everything from a Fender to a Musicman to my beloved goldtop. I just like the tone I get from them.
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