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  1. He's telling his wife, "But I TRIED to sell it!"... Seriously, here's a brief article on Alex Lifeson's HR Fusion if anyone is interested: https://equipboard.com/pros/alex-lifeson/gibson-howard-roberts-fusion-i
  2. Thanks, gentlemen! The guitar was at a luthier for new tuners and a new nut. Original tuners were not working, and the nylon nut was pushing the high E string to the edge of the fretboard. Everything else original! Here are some pics:
  3. I joined this forum in 2014 when I had a ES-135, but never really posted. Just got a birth year 1958 ES-225T - it's in better shape than I am! It needs some new tuners, and a few minor adjustments. I'm getting used to the position of the single middle pickup, but love the sounds and tone I am getting. Has the original Les Paul bridge which is really cool! Hopefully, I'll be posting more in the Vintage Corner!
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