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  1. My J-45 has an LR Baggs Element in it with a volume control in the sound hole. I also cut a notch in the cover to access the wheel. In my experience if you have a bunch of electric guitars aimed at your face in the monitors you pretty much can't get by with out it. The LR Baggs DI is a terrific tool once you get some time with it to dial it in.Have fun!
  2. You did a great job! Really nice looking flat top.:)
  3. Got me the girl..........several times :)
  4. Tried a Breedlove with this as a factory installed deal.Didn't care for it.
  5. Just thought I'd throe my hat in the ring.I almost bought a Fender because of the light weight, but bought a Carvin AG300 instead. Take a look. http://www.carvinguitars.com/products/AG300
  6. Glad you found this .I've tried a lot of methods but for ten bucks I'm giving these a try.Just bought two. Kudos mountainpicker!
  7. To my surprise my J-45 Custom Koa came with plastic bridge pins,and unremarkable tone. Changed to bone bridge pins from Stew Mac and was rewarded with a HUGE improvement. Added sparkle and definition to an otherwise mediocre tone.
  8. According to Ren Ferguson who is no longer with Gibson ( Works for Guild now ) although machines are used to shape parts,clamp things together etc. ,everything is hand sanded to final dimension.Whether or not this is true, I don't know.As fo Ablam, it's been around for years. It is in fact real Abalone but very thin sheets glued together (laminated) to make larger size sheets that have some strength .It's very easy to see why a Martin, appointed in a similar fashion as say a Gibson J-45, is considerably more expensive.Just look inside both factories and it will be evident. Just my two cents of course.
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