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  1. Well I'm happy to announce that a few weeks ago I sat down with a '56 gold top and a n ES-330 for nearly an hour and the 330 won!..... Both guitars were beautiful aesthetically and tonally but the goldtops tone was a bit thicker and closer to a humbucker than the 330, the 330 for me sound much more open and brighter and the clean tone was to die for! I tried them both on a Fender Blues Deluxe 40w combo and had to take that as well. At this stage I would like to go back and get the goldtop later, the shop assistant and I both agreed that the goldtop will be produced for many years to come but the 330 may fade away again in the near future so it made the 330 purchase even more logical.
  2. I which of the two is your preference? I love my other gibson les paul body design and feel but the 330 has that that extra appeal being full hollow body.
  3. Wow I've almost forgotten how beautiful they are! Are these both yours?
  4. Hey guys I'm new to this site and I'm after a few answers. Does anyone know if Gibson Still make the '54 black beauty reissue? I've been wanting one for years and as soon as I got some money together they dissapeared. Or is anyone willing to part ways with one? I'm a sucker for that beautiful stealthy black look with the Alinco IV and p-90 http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2208602
  5. How does the 2012 compare to the '56 in terms of tone and playability? Even though they are nearly 60 years apart which one would you suggest?
  6. I use the cleaning kit on mine every time I restring the guitar (2-3 months) it can't hurt to keep your baby clean and cleaning and maintenance will increase its lifespan
  7. G'day guys I'm looking to buy my second Gibson and I recently played VOS 330 and it made me sweat profusely as a result of the tone but I'm also eyeing off a les paul 1956 gold top reissue, what are people's thoughts on either of the two and pictures would be great to see as well. Cheers!
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