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  1. So, I bought a Steinberger ZT3 from (a reputable store online) and in checking it out in the trial period, I overlooked the truss rod (I'm the idiot there). I love it and it plays like a dream but over time has developed a slight 1st fret buzz. It's been tolerable and I knew all I needed was about a half turn or so on the truss rod to give the neck a bit of relief (I'd looked and it was as straight as an arrow). So I finally get around to doing some tech work. I insert the hex key......nothing to grab on to. The barrel nut is there, it's just stripped.....grrrrrrrrrrr. I called Gibson to check on a replacement part. BZZZZZZZZ. They said call a dealer and they'd have it. So I called Guitar Center, who they said would be one. BZZZZZZZ. But they said they'd check with their Gibson rep. BZZZZZZZZ. The Gibson rep had them call Gibson U.S.A. His voicemail back to me regarding Gibson (and I quote), "they were just very unhelpful and didn't even want to attempt to help us find the right part." Ok, lost in translation somewhere there probably....benefit of the doubt and all that. GC said to try Stew-Mac or AllParts. BZZZZZZZZZ They've got barrel nuts for truss rods (10/32's) but I don't know what size is in the Steinberger and the guy I spoke with at Gibson, though nice, couldn't help me. I called back (3rd x) and pleaded for mercy from the receptionist to get me to someone who could just dole out that one bit of spec. info. Left a message with the actual repair guys in the Gibson shop. Haven't heard back yet and not overly confident that I will. But maybe.... In the meantime, do any of you fine ladies and gents have ANY idea about the Steinberger truss rod specs. Being a Steinberger it's obviously not a Ford or a Chevy that I can take any ole place. Proprietary sucketh! Some others I've asked have suggested its likely not typical. If I can get it out, I obviously can take a measurement (IF). But I don't want to do anything at all until I've got as many facts as possible and exhausted all avenues. Really hate to pack this thing up and ship it to Gibson over a half a turn of a truss rod. I know it ultimately needs to come out but...... *whimper*
  2. If anyone is reading this, I'm begging to be validated by someone in authority....and apparently I have no form of communication with anyone in authority whatsoever. hello?!?!?!?!!

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