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  1. OldAl


    Thanks This is on my wish list for sure. Looks like a lot of bang for the buck. Most gibsons are way out of my price range. Old Al
  2. OldAl


    Thanks I've been playing for 50 years I'm pretty impressed with that guitar. It's on my wish list for sure. Old Al
  3. OldAl


    Anyone had the chance to play the J-15 acoustic I've looked up a couple of demos and it sounds pretty good
  4. OldAl

    Great gift

    Sweet. i'd do the same but my wife is the treasurer.
  5. My youngest daughter works and lives in Nashville and her boyfriend bought her a Gibson songwriter for Christmas. I don't know about all the other Dads but I got a sweater and a pair of slippers. OldAl
  6. OldAl

    EB-0 vs EB-3

    I have an 8 track digital recording set up and I was looking for a short scale bass to add to some tunes. (my wife only gives me a limited number of square feet for my stuff) I bought an EB-O and I plug it directly to the recorder. works great. I donj't even own an amp so I don't know whether this is much help to you or not. Good Luck OldAl
  7. There is nothing like having a good hardshell case I learned my lesson the hard way and I won't make that mistake again
  8. I'm still playing the same epiphone my darlin gave me the money for in 1978. It came with an adjustable bridge that cracked of course and I had it replaced . This baby came to life and with Martin light strings she's a winner. My nephew has a $1600 Taylor and my son a Martin and they both admire my guitar. Wouldn't trade them straight up. Epiphone FT-150. I think 78 and 79 are the only two years the Japanese got it right. Any comments?
  9. I tried one of these at my music store and I was pretty impressed. I've been playing the same epiphone for 36 years so I love the brand. My hearts set on the DR-500 with that two pickup system. Perfect for home recording thats been my hobby for over 50 years now. Guess that means I'm getting old
  10. Is anyone out there still playing Epiphone FT 150?
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