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  1. Probably much too late for you, but that's a high asking price considering what they are going for "new" on Ebay. I got mine for around that amount.
  2. So I went ahead and photographed the pieces in case you or anyone else needed them. The roller is approximately 5mm in diameter, with perhaps 3mm of space in the center for the arm to fit into. On the arm, you can visibly see the groove where the roller should fit under - I presume this is where the washer or e-clip fits into. I'll be shopping around locally for a generic clip to go onto here, will reply back with results later.
  3. Dellul, apologies for the late reply. If it would help I can take some pictures of my roller next to a measuring tape. The thing is really tiny however, so I'm not sure how detailed it would need to be... So if that would help let me know. I'm still trying to get out to a hardware store to find a washer that will fit.
  4. Woah talk about timing. Not intending to threadjack, but I just picked up a ZT3 and I have a similar issue - though I still have my "roller", it doesn't stay attached at all. I got a few uses out of it before it started rattling off inside the guitar. Luckily I was able to hang onto mine. This is probably a longshot, but have you tried finding a comparable sized nut at a hardware store? I was thinking of adding some glue to it, but that could also be a phenomenally bad idea if I ever need to remove it in the future... Anyone have tips?
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