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  1. which version of java do you have? try upgrade to java 7.
  2. Try this. " Open your system preferences and go to the 'Security and Privacy' pref pane. Choose the 'General' tab and down at the bottom under 'Allow apps downloaded from:' choose 'Anywhere'. Be aware that you are changing your Mac's security settings so that any application from anywhere can now be opened, and Apple doesn't recommend doing this. Hopefully Stanton will release a new version of the QuickGrid software that works for everybody. "
  3. i wasn't suggesting flash drives are faster. but I think if there are certain file or files in your collection are causing problems, it is useful to isolate where the problem is. From my experience, 10k songs should take less than a day in QuickGrid and then a few hours on SCS4.
  4. Maybe use a couple of flash drives? I've never had an SSD, but I have a couple of 32G flash drives, all seems to work fine. Most of mine are CBR 192k mp3s, but there are a small percentage of all sorts of formats.
  5. That sounds out of ordinary. I'd try defragmenting and checking disk errors. and then try breaking the collection into smaller sets.
  6. I made a MAC version. See if it works for you. Please follow the instructions.
  7. Here is a simple bpm and beat grid editor for SCS.4DJ. https://bitbucket.org/biggerfoot/scs4djeditor/wiki/Home I won't be monitoring this forum, so if you find a bug, use the bug tracking in that link.
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