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  1. +1 for more knobs to control the vst plugin maybe use smart knob to give you more control Turnado is really good with Deckadance.
  2. Hi, I would like to know if someone has made a script for novation twitch controller? I am doing one and if someone has made it I would merge with mine or check to make a ref guide and give them for deckance script control. I have mad the first part I have to have the led feedback. Thank you. Yannick
  3. I will wait for the next update of Deckadance before trying it again. I dont use controllers for Deckadance only Bome midi translator that take in charge the communication. I mean that I dont route my controllers directly to deckadance. So for now I didn't have any problem since I have uninstall Deckadance.
  4. Hi, I dont know if someone has experienced this but I am on windows 10 pro and two times when I open deckadance for some reason all of my midi drive in the device manager get copied of has a double with the same name. I have to uninstall all of my midi driver and restart computer to get them to work. It has been two times and since it was when Deckadance was open it seems to create the problem I have the 2.4 version. Thank you for your feedback.
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