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  1. Lets see pictures! I've been playing my late '67 EB-0 since I bought it in late '67! I've had everything from flat wounds to Earnie Ball round wounds on it. When I was gigging with it in the late '60's I was trying to keep up with two Marshall full stacks and a Hammond B-3 with a hotrod Leslie, so I had D'Adario Round wounds on it all the time and I used a pick. It sounded very Jack Bruce-like, growling and full of the fuzzbucker low-range. I now am not competing with such loud guitar amps but I still have round wounds on it for the extra highs and mid punch they give me. The frets did need re
  2. By the looks of it, it's a 72 or 73. I was a little concerned by the lack of contour on the body side, but, it looks like Gibson omitted the side contours on those years. All other EB bodies (SG) were beautifully contoured along the sides as well as inside the two horns. I thought it might be a Jap clone. See if you can confirm the electronics are all legit. No clue what it would be worth. If it has a serial number you can read, there are sites that help you decipher the Gibson Serial number fiasco! Good luck and play on. Scoop
  3. JohnJ

    2015 thunderbird

    Any Pictures? Is it supposed to be a matte finish? Is it a problem with the finishing of the frets or all-around? I have heard of the 'new' Gibsons being rough. some Epiphones were given better scores in fit and finish. Sorry to hear the cosmetics are falling behind the sound and playability. John
  4. That is a real beauty! I remember playing one of those in the early '70's. It was a real performer. Great action and very powerful. My bass at the time was the EB-O. My band was playing for a prom somewhere in NJ, we somehow left all the guitars back in CT at our practice house! The kids got together and found instruments for us to borrow, I was very happy to play that T-Bird. Yours looks just like it. You should get good vibes from that one. John
  5. Two things stand out as wrong on that picture: 1) the color of the plastic around the bridge pickup us supposed to be black, and it doesn't have the chrome cover on it. 2) the bridge is the wrong type for the year. It should be just a 3 point bridge without any adjustments. A slanted rounded area where the strings rest. We need more than just a bridge shot to truly know anything more. Can't say anything for sure. John
  6. JohnJ


    I am curious about any reply from the seller or Ebay on this erroneous model Gibson. Just looking at a true EB-3 makes that look like a Zebra!
  7. JohnJ


    I can't tell what it was originally, but I've never seen the neck pup so far from the end of the neck. Being an owner of a true 60's EB-0 it just doesn't look right! You seem to be in the know, please share? I poked around the internet and here's what I found, looks like a converted EB-4, that's the ONLY SG body that had the humbucker almost mid-body. Somebody did a make-over and added the bridge pup. What a crock o shite! Caveat Emptor! The unknowing buyer on Ebay will be sorely disappointed when they find out. John
  8. That looks very much like a Fender amp should look. I used to have a Rumble 250/210 combo, it was very disappointing, that fuzzy black cloth attracted my cat's claws like a scratching post. It couldn't keep up with two guitars using Hot Rod Juniors, and construction of the cabinet was inferior. The wheels fell off the first time I rolled it across a parking lot. I traded it in for a Hartke HA2500 and a SWR Goliath Jr 210. That blew the Fender Combo out the door! Is this new Fender Combo light weight? I don't think I'd get any new amp that wasn't using the new magnet technology. My back say
  9. In the Specs section description of the pups, I think the operative words is "Vintage Style" TB Humbuckers. The early 60's TB's had the two Mudbuckers that my EB-0 has one of at the neck, didn't it? Anyway you look at it, it's got to be deep, loud and full of that Gibson sound. Enjoy it. John
  10. JohnJ

    335 bass

    What a beauty! It must sound killer through that Eden rig! Looks similar to mine, I have the WT 400 with a 4x10 and 1x15. John
  11. JohnJ


    I lugged around an Acoustic 360 and Power head in a touring band back in the early '70s and I thanked God every day for those wheels on the speaker cabinet! The Amp was not light either! We also lugged around a Hammond B-3 and Leslie cabinet, two Marshall Stacks and PA with EV folded horn speakers, took a full bread truck to haul it around. That's what killed my arms, knees, shoulders, you name it! LOL. This light weight Neo magnet speaker stuff is 30 years too late in my opinion! Don't we all wish we had them back "in the day"? John
  12. Look here for info on that model, they made it up until 2013. http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Bass/Gibson-USA/SG-Standard-Bass-Faded.aspx
  13. I had the Ampeg flip-top B-15 too! Traded it for a Fender Bassman with 2x12's. I regret not keeping the Ampeg every day and don't regret swapping the Fender for an Acoustic 360 one little bit! John
  14. I like the idea of a hybrid amp, my Eden WT-400 has a 12AX 7 preamp tube. Just wondering, does the VLE and VPF do anything to the overall tone? Though I don't own one, I like the Markbass 500 210 combo very much, it has great sound and weighs under 40 pounds? Looks like you have a winner there. John
  15. A 1970 Rickenbacker 4001 Stereo in Mapleglow. What a sound and what a neck! John
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