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  1. Yeah a few for me that I attended: 1. KISS 1980 - Melbourne Australia - turned up on a TV special 2. Mick Jagger in Melbourne Australia - it was also eventually televised. We taped that one 3. Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers Tour - it ended up on a Bootleg Record. 4. Various Australian acts. In particular, Richard Clapton, I have the CD of the 30th anniversary gig that I attended in Sydney. 5. Rolling Stones - various gigs in melbourne have ended up on DVD's
  2. I have no fear of spiders and I try to avoid killing them, unless they do have poison - and very few do. There are a couple of really dangerous ones in Oz - the trap door and the red back. But you dont see them that much. Another one, called the white tail, can give you a nasty sore. Snakes are a bit different - we have some of the worst - but they dont go looking for people and you wont see many in the cities. As an Aussie, I am always amused by the stories of wildlife wreaking havoc and fear on its citizens. There is no such thing as a dunny spider in Oz. This legend comes from
  3. Latest news on this is that the merger is a pre-emptive strike to save both Allans and Billy Hydes, because the American monolith GUITAR CENTER is coming to Australia. This news could not be worse, given what you guys have said. Currently, an independent outlet has the Gibson Australia Distribution Rights. Please Gibson - dont buckle and transfer the distribution rights to Guitar Center just for the money or because they are American. Support the Australian independent who has been so loyal to Gibson.
  4. if so, which one and what do you think? I hear the 3G version is problematic because it needs its own SIM card, creating problems in regards to syncing with your iPhone.
  5. Very different What are the actual improvements apart from visual? And my avatar is gone - al least from my iPhone
  6. been jammin to Still in love With You on Live &Dangerous Gorham nails it the second lead break with his LP deluxe He seems to have the blues edge on Robertson who is faster but not as melodic
  7. Worked my *** off. Doing paper rounds, letter boxing junk mail, laying tennis courts, making pizzas. Thats how I bought my first LP clone and later, an Ibanez Strat, Big Muff and a 30w sh!t amp. But there was a cost. In the Pizza Parlour, I sawed off the end of my left little finger on the deli ham meat saw. 12 months and plastic surgery later, I still have a little finger and can still play with the fourth finger. But it was a close run thing. You should have seen the interior of the car for the poor bastard who ran me to the hospital. It was a 70's 2 door Ford Cou
  8. Just discovered this Fantastic resource for Thin Lizzy fans of the guitar I always thought the boys tuned down a semi tone I understand Kiss and many others do aswell Knowing that makes jammin a dream http://kristinhall.org/songbook/BigKidSingalongs/BoysAreBackInTownG1.pdf
  9. FAIL You are not wearing black nail polish You are not leering or sneering Your eyes are not bloodshot You are not wearing a black glove You don't look like you smell bad You are not giving the bird or the more bizarre wanker devil sign Basically you don't look feral enough:-"
  10. Very true. My mate just came back from El Paso - avec cowboy boots!!!!!!
  11. Just bought a CD boxed set of Cheech and Chong best of. Boy it brings back fond memories. Sgt Stadanko Dave Earache My Eye Blind Melon Chitlin' Sister Mary Elephant - "young man, give me that knife" Ha. Looking forward to the drive home from work tonight.
  12. I have suffered from this too. But the older I get, the less I give a sh!t - when it all comes down to it, it depends on how high you place the stakes. if you are playing for enjoyment, then it really takes the pressure off - even if you are playing live. Some of the best bands I have seen are the guys who have matured and put away the 'I am going to be a rock star' approach and just play to enjoy it - you can see it on their faces and the music is always better as a result. The reality is, unless you are auditioning to join KISS or the Rolling Stones, the price of making a mistak
  13. Milod - What is "cowboyology"? Is that a real word?
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