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  1. You could check out vintagekramer.com for more info. They have 2 pages on the Pacer under Guitars/American Series. Interesting info, hope it helps.
  2. 70s Rock

    Kramer sm-1

    Hi Molly, Just got a brand new SM-1 in gloss black (I don't know if that's "transparent black"). Super guitar!!! My brother has the original 80s Stagemaster (in red - almost iridescent) that I've been playing for a while. This is the best SuperStrat ever (IMHO); that's why I have committed to the SM-1. However, I decided I'd rather get the white one (which, appearance wise, doesn't really thrill me either ). Sure wish they had the red, or the blue, from that era. If you are interested, email me at the address in my profile. I'm not sure what's involved in sending it out of the country, but if you have any experience, let me know. Now for my rant: Just black or white?! Come on Gibson, this is a great guitar - give us some color! :angry: Kramer is YOUR brand now. You don't have to dumb it down for fear of competition. It won't offend in-house loyalty to make this brand better than another brand that you carry. Brand loyalty means making ALL of your brands great! No matter which one rises to the top, you still make money! This is your best SuperStrat and will attract business that Gibson may not have otherwise garnered. Thinking that it's not worth developing because numbers are low is self-fulfilling - numbers will be low so long as your product is under-developed. You almost didn't get my business with the paltry choices you offer, and I'm sure you missed other business because of this.
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