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  1. Looks like an early Encore branded instrument, marketed by Hornby Skewes. Back in the 70s they imported copies from various overseas manufacturers.
  2. When only a Chibson is good enough, you might as well pack it all in and take up stamp collecting. 😃
  3. Holy mother of toilet seat, will you stop banging on about your guitar. We're all sorry it's not made in China. We're all sorry it's not an Epiphone. We're all sorry you joined in our polite conversation.
  4. I'm waitin' on the Joe Bonamassa TV dinners. When are they due for release?
  5. Is the string action height at the 12th fret set correctly? Should be measured according to the chart on here Epiphone setup
  6. Good grief! How many pieces does this GIBSON SG have?
  7. Hey everyone, got a new blues song. Think I may have a hit record on my hands. Here's a sample verse. SG player made me burn my Epiphone. Now I got nothing to play. But I sleep soundly at night, dreaming about accordions.
  8. If you want a clean sound like that demo in your link, you need scooped mids so that is generic Fender. Bear in mind, the amps I recommended also have the more overdriven tones you mentioned.
  9. You could get a Fender Champion 40 for $180 or the Champion 20 for $100, depending on your needs. Both amps will get you that clean twang you seek, and a whole lot more.
  10. I have a Champion 40 and an Epi LP Standard. I used it for band practice on Monday night and it rocks my boat. Perfect for blues and loud enough to keep up with drums, bass and two other electric guitarists. Very underrated amp in my opinion. I have other amps but they're too darned heavy. I bought the Champion because it only weighs 19 pounds. Use the Fender two button footswitch with it and you have a two channel grab and go solution for rehearsal and small to medium gigs. It also takes effects pedals well.
  11. A real Les Paul has a bound neck and body, just like the Epiphone Les Paul Standard.
  12. My Epiphones have real Rosewood fretboards, not that MDF stuff that Gibson have been using. I don't think Richlite has any snob value.
  13. Erm, can we just stick to the facts please?
  14. I bought two Epiphone electric guitars in 2015. Les Paul Standard came with Gibson Brite Wires and ES-339 came with some rubbish strings which I replaced immediately. It's easy to identify D'Addario strings by their multi-coloured ball ends.
  15. I'm sorry, but I don't see anything wrong with name 'Special' on a guitar. I have a Kramer Barretta Special guitar and I'm fine with that. Gibson produced Specials decades before the term was (mis)applied to people with disabilities or learning difficulties. When I was a kid in the 50s, the holy grail of toy pistols was the Colt Buntline Special.
  16. What could be a more premium name? Gibphone, Epison, Bentley, Bugatti? What would be a more appropriate name? Chibphone, Qingdao, Gibchib, Less Paul?
  17. I believe the current Focus model is a special produced exclusively for Guitar Center. I'd try asking GC first and, failing that, Kramer.
  18. Fakey MacFake! They must be desperate, whoever conceives this as a way to earn a living.
  19. I'm missing something with these so-called Chibsons. I've even watched the China Guitar Sceptic channel videos on YouTube in the hope of understanding the psychology behind all of this strange malarkey. There are so many affordable electric guitars available today that play and sound just like a professional instrument after a little work setting up by an average technician. The pull factor of these fakes must be irresistible to some people. What is it though? BTW Zombie threads are fine by me. At least they usually have a bit of substance.
  20. My Charvels are not too precious, just a couple of recent Chinese Desolation models. A double cut with EMG 85/81 and a single cut with SD Blackouts and a Floyd-Rose trem. Both nice players. I've also been tinkering with low end model guitars by LTD and Jackson. It's become a retirement hobby turning guitar shaped objects into musical instruments. They're a lot easier than grappling with motorbikes, and they do provide a similar end result in terms of adrenalin.
  21. The only thing I'm disappointed with is the finish on the neck. It's fine at first but I played it a lot and it became 'sticky'. 0000 wire wool restored the playability but it started to go sticky again and I now have to use Pledge to alleviate the friction. Eventually, I will strip the finish and give it a few coats of Tru-Oil. I have two Charvels with oil finish on bare wood and it really rocks for speed. I think I would be daunted by the prospect of stripping the body though. The finish seems indestructible lol.
  22. Cool! Mine is also loud unplugged. Maybe the other Barettas sound brittle because of the Maple body.
  23. So which colour have you got? I have the Vintage White and it rocks. To use the trem and stay in tune requires a little work on the nut, to ease the string path allowing for where the headstock splays out.
  24. Have you tried Dawsons? Their website is showing four of the black version in stock. Could be an error though because the site lists that model on another duplicate page that states 14 day delivery for orders.
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