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  1. I went to GC looking for a Gibson SG, but just didn't like how any of the models played. Next to them was an Epiphone SG Special for $179, and I just loved the neck. True the tuners are plastic and may not last forever, but it gets more playing time than some of my more expensive guitars.
  2. Gibson is going to stop making fretboards where the binding nibs cover the end of the fret wire. I believe it was decorative in the first place. A little late. Ive got cracks on my 2009 ES 137 custom.
  3. I have a 2009 ES 137 custom that I purchased used a year ago. It has a spot on the finish below the bridge that almost looks like someone pushed their fingertip into the wet finish. It is smooth, however. It has a hazy, dull look. I was aware of this imperfection when I bought the guitar, but now I would like to remove this dull area. Any suggestions such as buffing? I don't want to make things worse than they are. Thanks
  4. Quite a few guitars are built like this, especially archtops.
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