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  1. So I'm confused. The serial number reads as 83 Nashville plant but this is a custom shop edition and gibson custom shop didn't open till what 1994? So when was this guitar made? I don't get it.
  2. Looks similar to this. Hope that helps. I can take an actual picture of the back if you want. I think eBay might be the best place for this guitar.
  3. I ended up buying the guitar impulsively. Don't get me wrong it's so beautiful and plays incredible, but it's a lot of money to be tied up at the moment. Anyone interested? Comes with hardshell and certificate of authenticity.
  4. They might possibly come down on price. I am not looking for memorabilia, I just love the look of these Gibsons. Perhaps I could get lessons from Joe just for meeting him though which would be intriguing but maybe not after trying to lowball his asking price, ha.
  5. Would it make more sense to pay a little more and buy this 1967 off eBay instead of $3500 for a 1983? Looks beautiful http://m.ebay.com/itm?itemId=261416976053
  6. Thanks for the information. I do know he used this guitar in the studio on some albums, that's what the store told me. My biggest concern is buying the guitar and not being able to resell for close to what I paid if I ever needed to do so. It felt really good when I played it.
  7. Yes it is his guitar. They offered me a picture with him if I bought it on the spot the other day. They also had him on the phone about it. I'm not looking at anything new as I want an old one even if it's more money. I just wanted to get more information as far as well why buy an 83 if I could get say a 69 or older for near the same price which I don't think I can but that's why I'm asking here.
  8. Hello, I picked up my first gibson the other day and I was in love. I have a chance to buy a 1983 es-335 custom shop in excellent condition for $3500. I've done some research and that seems high to me. Can anyone tell me how much it's worth? Thanks
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