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  1. Same problem here. Grrr. Now to diagnose.
  2. Thanks so much for the feedback and info. It does not matter to how much I love the guitar at all. It's just that green is my favorite color, nothing more than that. I did find it odd the green was gone though. Thanks again all.
  3. I recently got a new Sherry II at GC and it has no green in the vine inlay near the top of the vine. I inquired at Epi cuts service and after getting the run around a few weeks, I finally received this: Hello, I have received word back from the factory that this is indeed correct, and white MOP is the factory spec currently. Thank you for the inquiry. I love the green and am kinda bummed but the rest of the guitar looks perfect and she plays the same. So, when did you get your Sherry II and do you have the green near the top of your inlay? Thanks!
  4. I just got a new Sherry 2 and I think the stock pups sound good to my ear. That's only me, of course. Glad you asked about the pickups. I was curious too about what others thought.
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