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  1. Yeah, it is weird that it ISNT one of those guitars. HAHA. It was just a plain Jane black Epi Junior. Under the factory black paint was all of the decals for that tribute guitar. - Dave
  2. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-elitist-1965-casino They show one "restock" and one "used" and a new one in Natural that would ship 4/1/14. - Dave
  3. So..... I recently started playing around with making some Epi Specials and Juniors into legit playing guitars. My first project was a black Special II. Paint was all scratched up, the toggle switch was broke off..... and it was sad and lonely. So I adopted the guitar for free from a friend. Project: filled in the neck PUP and toggle switch holes with new wood. Got a blank pick guard and made a Junior style with a jig saw. Also made a wood truss cover with the jig saw. Painted it a reliced yellow and threw in a Guitar Fetish Pro series lipstick pickup and new Pots. Also pictured is my 1957 Reissue and a NCAA Mizzou Epi. My second project is a Epi Junior.... equally beat up and I purchased it for $40 on Craigslist. As I started removing paint I found that the body had the engravings for the limited edition Alabama Guitar..... WIERD. Here are some pics. Has anyone run across this before? I look forward to learning some stuff from this board. Hope you enjoy the pics. - Dave
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